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  • Hi, after upgrading to W3 Total cache (we have wordpress 4.6.1) we get a random problem – some of our posts appear to the end users as garbage. Like this: Repeated browser refreshes and cache clearing (on the browser and on the W3Total cache backend) doesn’t solve the problem. The only thing that seems to solve it is when I turn off browser caching in W3Total cache settings. Is it possible to diagnose or roll back the plugin version?


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  • You are on php 5.3?

    Try to bisable gzip compression in browser settings.

    It seems a bug on php 5.3 and gzip compression enabled.

    Hi! We at the W3 Total Cache Fixed Community figured out what was causing the problem.

    Here’s the fix:

    Note: This specific fix is for people seeing garbled text that looks similar to this or this.

    1. Open PgCache_ContentGrabber.php (found in the w3-total-cache directory)

    2. Jump down to line 1244 which should show:

    if ( isset( $value0['n'] ) ) {

    3. Replace that line with:

    if ( is_array($value0) && isset( $value0['n'] ) ) {

    Hopefully you’ll come back and post your results so others can get confirmation.


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    Worked for my case, thanks

    I have two clients with the same problem. One was using Cloudfront CDN which we just deployed and were having problems with deployment. We were getting 502 errors with the files. The sysadmin corrected the settings on the site using the CDN and it’s working now but then we started getting the garbage pages. If it had not been for the second client who is not using a CDN also having pages served up with garbage characters, I would have thought it was plugin and the CDN weren’t configured properly. Without gzip compression the pages were noticeably slower with the CDN. Your update happened at the same time we deployed the CDN.

    Anyway, I applied the fix above, tested it, and then deployed it. It seems to be working so far. I will post again if we still have problems.

    We disabled the plugin (Version on WordPress 4.7.1) initially to correct the problem, and we modified Line 1244 (as recommended above).

    However, we are unable to reactive the plugin. We receive a “Plugin activated.” message, but the plugin remains inactive.

    Same issue for me on shared cloud hosting using WP 4.7.1 W3 Version
    Using PHP 5.3.29
    Whole page loads with eg ���n��ʲ���v�?K
    Pages load correctly only if reloaded multiple times.
    Disabling Page Cache in W3 works for now. Very interested in how fixes go for others.

    Worked for me. Many thanks

    Thanks Kimberly (@amiga500). Worked for me. Tested on Shared Cloud host, WP 4.7.1, W3 Version, PHP 5.3.29.
    Browsers: Chrome on Windows 10, Chrome android, Edge on Windows 10 and Internet Explorer on Windows 10 and Safari on Mac.

    I had the same issue but it would only happen on mobile and not on desktop. The issue started happening after installing AMP and AMP for WP plugins.
    (4.6.2 btw). I am curious if I should try the fix provided by Kimberly @amiga500

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