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  • I run a multilanguage website (English, German, Russian, Polish) on

    If you take a look at the Polish version you will see that some of the characters are not displayed correctly. Just some and just in the post/page text, not (!) for other text like the translation teaser text on top of the text.

    The complete WordPress database is utf8, database and tables. Also I have the utf8 setting in wp-config.php. If I take a look into the database with phpMyAdmin I see the Polish text nice and how it should look like. I cut-n-pasted the text out of the database into the HTML backend editor window and saved post/page again, nothing changed. I also tried this with different browsers, and I tested the websites appearance on several browsers. Also, WPML plugin, which I use, is not responsible, I disabled it which had no effect.

    The Russian of the website does work without any problems.

    Has somebody a clue?

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