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  • Hello,

    Please excuse me if this is a stupid question. I’ve installed WordPress and got it running (

    I installed the Email notification plugin which more or less ran right. However, the notification email it sends out to subscribers was missing a / in the URL that you had to click on to subscribe. I contacted the author who said that I needed to add a backslash after the path variable in the plugin template (or words to that effect).

    Last night, I tried to install both the WP-Amazon and the IImage Browser plugins. In both cases I get the right button on the quick tags bar. When I click on the Amazon button, I get an error message that says I need to check my error log and with the IImage Browser nothing at all happens when I hit the button.

    This seems to indicate to me that I have a problem in my set up, but I can’t discover where. I may well have indicated that the URL for the blog was rather than in the set up, but I can’t find where this occurs. Then again, there could be something entirely different. Many thanks for any ideas.

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