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    hi Stuart, I was so pleased with the heatmap theme, (still am) it was just perfect until my client asked me to plug in some RSS feeds and some grid columns. You advised me which plugins to use. They were easy to put into your theme, and you gave me assistance to place them in.
    Looked just great in a computer, but alas, neither of the plugins showed up or displayed in a mobile.
    see what I am saying- Perhaps you could advise what I could do to fix this issue? I am really stuck, even tried another theme (esplanade) but couldnt get rss installed in the first place.
    I realise it is not your responsibility to fix what you are not the author of, (these plugins) but I was hoping you might know what to do to fix, or know of other more recent mobile responsive plugins? I searched, could not find even one, so tried “RSS Multi Importer” but it was too complicated and it ended up creating dozens of individual posts, instead of just one post to house all the feeds.

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    If you want to make grid columns plugin responsive then you need to add a media query to its css to make it collapse to single column when the device is narrow.

    That may be part of the issue, but I note you’ve made some changes to the theme column widths too, and that may break the way the theme responds unless you modified it and tested it carefully.

    If you are taking on clients to do this kind of work you’ll probably be wise to invest some time with css, in particular media queries so you can approach this kind of job with confidence and be able to debug it.

    The plugins may be working but because you are having css problems then you might not be able to see them working on the screen because things are getting pushed off the screen.

    If it were me doing your job and I was having trouble getting things to work then I’d just roll back the project to the state where it was working and then add one element at a time back in to see whats breaking…then take it from there.

    I just built a new project myself using heatmap adaptive pro, grid columns plugin and the tip at the link above for the home page and it works great.
    See how the columns collapse when the device/window narrows.

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    Since this isnt actually an issue related to the theme itself I’m closing it as resolved, however you can still add to the thread.

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