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[Resolved] Some placeholders are broken in the 5.4.2

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  • angelo_nwl


    NetWebLogic Support

    works for me, can I know if this is using events_list shortcode or widget?

    Here’s my code:

        [events_list order="<?php echo $order ?>" category="<?php echo $category ?>" scope="<?php echo $scope ?>" limit="1"]
            <h2><a href="#_EVENTURL" title="Voir  le détail"><span class="icon-chevron-right"></span>#_EVENTNAME</a></h2>
                <p class="thumb">#_CATEGORYIMAGE{100,100}</p>
                <p class="desc">
                    {not_long}<span id="date">#_EVENTDATES</span>{/not_long}
                    {is_long}<span id="date">#_EVENTDATES</span>{/is_long}
                    {has_time} #_EVENTTIMES{/has_time}
                    {no_time} #_EVENTTIMES{/no_time}
                    {all_day} {/all_day}
                <p class="teams-score">
    	            <span class="logo-home">#_LOGODOMICILE</span>{has_score}#_SCOREMATCH{/has_score}{no_score}<span class="no-score">vs</span>{/no_score}<span class="logo-ext">#_LOGOEXTERIEUR</span>
                <p class="location"><span class="icon-map-marker"></span>
    	            {has_location}#_LOCATIONNAME - #_LOCATIONTOWN{/has_location}
    	            {no_location}Lieu de la rencontre à définir{/no_location}

    May be this has something linked to the conditional placeholders…so I tried some of them to see what happens.

    Here’s :
    {has_time} #_EVENTTIMES{/has_time}
    do not work

    Plugin Author Marcus


    thanks for pasting the format, I could reproduce this and will look into fixing it asap.

    It seems to be a problem with conditionals containing a placeholder as the last character, which you can fix right now, so e.g.

    {has_time} #_EVENTTIMES{/has_time}

    changing to

    {has_time} #_EVENTTIMES {/has_time}

    seems to work (note the space at the end.

    Thanks Marcus.
    I fixed the code by adding a space aroubd the placeholder.

    But for my own placeholder+conditionals : `


    The original code was without any space but adding spaces around fixed the issue.

    {has_score} #_SCOREMATCH {/has_score}

    Seems to be an issue in a Regexp…



    NetWebLogic Support

    glad it’s working now, thanks for updating us.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    yes it is, will fix that next update

    Plugin Author Marcus


    this is now fixed in the dev version, there are a few bugfixes there so upgrading should be safe.

    info on upgrading – http://wp-events-plugin.com/documentation/upgrade-dev-version/

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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