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  • Some pages on the top bar are hidden behind the comments bar, but only in IE, able to view it fine in firefox. I have 7 pages, the 7th one drops down even tho there is plenty of room on that line. All of the pages show up fine in the sidebar(still only 6 on the first line), any help/suggestions would be appreciated 🙂

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  • font-size?

    Internet explorer uses a ‘normal’ font-size slightly bigger than Firefox’s which will make the text wider causing it to runneth over.

    i’d say its about a 12 font size, go check it out if you want

    also it doesn’t wrap around if i have no categories listed but as soon as i make a post and add to a category it wraps, again only in IE

    CSS issue…

    #navbarleft: 680px;

    Your menu options are running wider than 680px and create a new row. If you look closely in MSIE you can see the descender from the “g” in weddings peeking out from underneath the “good” of “about good shepherd”.

    You’ve got too many menu options. Seven is enough major options anyways. Rethink your site layout to make better use of the topnav->subnav.

    I see you’re using pages for the menu, so decide on 7 “parent” pages, and delegate the rest of your pages to be children of one of those parents.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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