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  • This seems to be a common problem but I searched the forum and tried a few fixes and haven’t been able to resolve my issue. Recently I noticed that 2 of our pages won’t load and bring up the 404 error (using the standand twenty eleven theme). For example:

    Yet the other pages we have set up work, as do all the permalinks to posts. The pages that have errors loading are fine in the back-end but for some reason don’t go through. Is there any reason for this? I haven’t made any big updates to wordpress versions of plug-ins that I can think of except for SEO by Yoast (updated today), but didn’t change any of the settings and again only some pages don’t load.

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  • Review that each page’s ‘parent’ and ‘page template’ are in existence and proper. This is achieved in the dashboard, Pages>hover title>Quick Edit>(to find what each page is pointing to)>then reviewing each are OK.

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Checked and all of the pages–the ones that work and don’t work–have the same parent–“Main Page (no parent)”–and Template–“Default Template.”

    I realized that both the pages that don’t work had versions of the same name that had been deleted and were in the trash, so I even deleted those permanently, purged my page cache, deleted the menu links to broken pages, and then added them again just to test this, and still didn’t work….

    Please review in same as above the slug for each page and report each here.

    Interesting. So I changed the slug of the “contact us” page from “contact” to “contact-us” and now that one works.

    The contributors one though I didn’t change similarly, and it has the same slug format as the other pages. The page title is “Contributors” and slug is just “contributors”

    If I left the slug blank and let it be auto-generated could that work?

    Thanks again

    So following up on my own post, just left the slug blank and updated, but that didn’t work since it just auto-filled the slub again with the page title. Still, oddly, link doesn’t work. So I just changed the slug from “contributors” to “our-contributors”, left the title the same, and somehow it worked. Not sure why some page links only work with two words connected with a hyphen and some work as single words, but at least its working….

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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