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    After upgrading to 3.6, a couple of pages have simply completely disappeared from my site. I’m able to click the link in the admin on the left to go to edit them, however the address goes to (correctly):

    This page is simply blank. Not the content field that is blank, the whole page that comes up is blank.

    I tried reverting to my pre-3.6 back-up, that didn’t fix anything.

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  • Hi,

    Got the same problem. I can see the editor and all the options, but the article’s content is completely blank, either in “Text” mode or “Visual”.

    Can someone help us?

    Strange issue, had to do with the .htaccess rewrite and my funky install, all appears fixed now thanks to the help of some very knowledgeable individuals at my hosting company.

    ppahv, that’s actually not at all the issue I had. The entire page was blank for me, NOT the content area. There was no content area. Just was a white page of nothing.

    Okay, it turns out the issue is NOT resolved. The hosting company was able to get the page to show again, however the page is completely blank on the admin side – NOT the content area – THE WHOLE PAGE. : )

    my site appears fine as a visitor, but on any page selected for editing, my content is blank. This sucks. Why does it seem that every time I update, there is always a bug. Get it straight before you offer the update. If anyone finds a solution I would love to hear about it because I am getting into my “busy” season of posting and can not afford to be down.


    MD_bowhunter, ppahv, please make your own new topic.

    Still unable to figure out how to edit the page.

    All I have is a blank white screen for this one page I wish to edit.

    I’ve tried recreating the page under a new name, however it’s now working with content-aware sidebars correctly for some reason.

    Still trying to figure this one out…

    What would make a page uneditable?

    It’s almost as if the page has completely disappeared from a list of editable pages.

    What prevents a sidebar from showing up on one page compared to an identical other page?

    Have you tried deactivating ALL plugins and switching to the twentytwelve theme to rule out any plugin or theme related issues?

    Not yet, I’ve deactivated plugins one at a time. You know, it’s a live site actively getting visitors, so I’m trying to be non-invasive. Not a bad idea, but I can’t imagine how a plugin or theme would make a page uneditable.

    Once I try it, I’ll get back to you. I know what you’ve given is standard, good advice… thanks for the response WPyogi. 🙂

    Well, I’ll be damned. : )

    Deactivated all plugins, switched to 2011, page was editable. Up went ahead and Updated the page to see if that could kick it through whatever the problem is.

    Reactivated my theme, page still editable. Reactivated all plugins, page not editable. I go through the plugins now one by one.

    Feeling like a knucklehead. : ) Thank you for the sound advice WPyogi.

    The culprit is Better WordPress Sitemaps. I have no idea how or why, started by flushing the cache, then regenerating sitemaps, all to no avail. Page not editable with BWP Google XML Sitemaps activated.

    Thanks again, WPyogi!

    Topic resolved, inquiry moved to Better WordPress XML Google Sitemaps support forum.

    I had the same issue on my multi-site install. NextGen Gallery plugin was the culprit.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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