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    Hi, I’m having a problem with the cache not being cleared/updated on only 2 of the pages on my site:

    The first link is just a normal page created and edited with Elementor. The second link is a supposedly regular WordPress post archive page. We do use our own theme but there is nothing directly linked to Litespeed plugin or caching of any sorts. This issue appeared only very recently, the pages were fine in the past.

    When opened, these pages are served with non-existent CSS files, thus the styling are all broken. Looking at the 404 URLs I can tell that the missing CSS were processed by Litespeed cache, either minified or combined or something else. I have tried everything under the sun to purge these page but no dice. Turning off the Cache setting in Litespeed plugin return the page to normal, but turning it back on and the errors are there again. Appending query string like ‘?cache=0’ can force Litespeed to give me the normal page, but I cannot have this query string everywhere. If I try to duplicate the pages and serve them under a different URL then the duplicates work normally. I cannot change the URLs now due to SEO and the fact that these links are out in the public.

    Report number: FCUJUDAU
    Report date: 03/20/2023 04:30:42

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    I was informed that the same issue has affected some other pages on my site too. At this point, the suspect is either UCSS or CCSS. But that should not happen as I turned off all CSS optimization features under the Page Optimization settings.

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    what if you disable guest mode and purge all , how does that go ?

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