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some page doesn't shows ads

  • Hi, i’m not able to understand why in some page I see only a white square, as a placeholder, with no ads. Only in some page , in other there are no problem. To debug I disabled any plugin, only ad injection and a few more unimportant.
    Here the adinjection debug report :
    Ad Injection in-content injections complete!
    No bottom ad defined in any of the ad code boxes
    Content length=258 (words) Raw character length=3541 Paragraph count=7
    Top ad paragraph: 0
    Bottom ad paragraph: 7
    1st Injected random ads range starts at: 1, and ends at: 7
    2nd Injected random ads range starts at: 1, and ends at: 6
    Injected ads at: 3 5
    random ads start=anywhere – paragraph – 1
    random ads end=anywhere – paragraph – 20 fromstart
    posttype=post ( single)
    currentdate=1373460566 (15896.534328704)
    postdate=1373452764 (15896.444027778)
    injection mode=direct
    please help me 🙁


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