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  • I have this really annoying issue that arose very recently. Within the last few months, and it is getting worse.

    Some orders placed by customers do not show the variation SKU the customer selected; only the parent SKU.

    For example, I will see URC000 (parent) instead of URC003-M (variant) on a customer order, leaving me to guess what they want.

    It seems like something that would be caused by adding items to cart without selecting the variant characteristics first (size, color), but I have tried to do this in troubleshooting. My site will not allow me to add an item to cart without having a size and color selected, which is how it should be.

    So how are some peoples orders coming through as Parent SKUs instead of the proper variants? It’s driving me crazy, and it seems completely random. Some orders have the variants appear as they should. Other orders only show the parent SKU. No apparent rhyme or reason.

    This is becoming a serious issue because I can’t just guess what the customer wants, and in some cases, it is also allowing customers to get cheaper prices on more expensive variants.

    I’ve searched on this issue and there are no blatant solutions. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    I wanted to add a screenshot showing another example from my Shipstation.

    The most perplexing part is how some orders have the correct variants listed, and then other line items for the SAME ORDER are only showing the parent SKU’s.

    Please help!

    Just experienced the same issue. Orders have come in with just the parent SKU listed not the variation SKU. And in one case for a product variation that was out of stock.

    Using WooCommerce 4.7.0.

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    I too am using WooCommerce 4.7.0

    Here is an update on the issue, I have done some more troubleshooting.

    I erased the parent SKU from the products of mine that have the variants.

    Some orders now coming in with “blank”, still pulling from the parent SKU field rather than defaulting to the variant sku.

    Some orders still show the customer selected attributes (size, color) in the drop down – on shipstation, for example. but other orders it is blank and so I still have to guess the color.

    Is this a version update issue or something else? Now I have to change some SKU’s back to at least differentiate product TYPE when fulfilling orders…

    Has anybody had any success fixing this? It has been happening to me more and more often the last week and with Black Friday coming this is going to be a killer. It’s even worse for me as my inventory system doesn’t recognize the parent SKU that’s being synced so the sales fail to load and into Shipstation so I have to manually go through them all to figure out which didn’t make it out of Woocommerce.


    Hi, we are experiencing the same issue lately with wp version 4.6.1. Is there any guidance here or root cause?
    Many thanks.

    I am having the same issue. The weird thing is that it is not consistent. The inventory is tracking correctly as the note feed clearly shows the correct sku of the variation but the line item shoes the parent. This is providing to be a problem when exporting invoices to QBO as the parent SKU really is not a product at all and it is not part of the inventory. Anyone has a solution?

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