• The WordPress CRM space is über-saturated and hyper-competitive; not to mention the complexity, magnitude, and scale of building and maintaining this kind of software; not to mention these guys coming in as underdogs, and bootstrapping the whole operation.

    And faced with this monumental challenge, the people behind FunnelKit have managed to build one of the most elegant pieces of software ever to be integrated into the WP admin; and not only “build”, but continue to build, iterate, improve, advance.

    Old school email marketing guys will remember back in the day when Rob Walling first introduced Drip, and the concept of CRM behavioral automation. It was the first of its kind; truly groundbreaking. At the time, there was nothing like it. Rob was a tech visionary, and a living legend.

    Nowadays, there is a new class of CRM entirely: The “WordPress / Woo CRM”. And these guys are the Rob Wallings of this space. True visionaries.

    In my estimation, this software, and the team behind it, represent the gold standard in the “WP / Woo CRM” market.

    The only real “missing” feature is pageview triggers.

    However, this turns out to not be a missing feature at all; because it would place an unnecessary strain upon browser resources; because there are other tools that you most likely already have installed which are already doing this.

    The solution I’ve came up with is via Crisp.Chat. If you run Woo, Crisp should be in your stack anyway. The absolute fastest and best chat app; and Crisp has a beautiful, simple API.

    Check their docs for “$crisp” to send data to their API right in the browser; and then their API can send that data via webhook to FunnelKit. (And that’s available on their free tier, btw.) This is the proper way to handle pageview triggers. Uncanny Automator, et. al., only have simple pageviews, which should more properly be called “pageloads”. But if you use $crisp, because it’s javascript, you can use pageview trigger events that actually mean something, such as time on page and scroll depth.

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