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  • We have a lot of WP sites since we well have a lot of sites (over 1,000).

    Some of the WP blogs are old, since Google likes them in our opinion, we now have way more.

    Easiest way to add content to sites is WP in our opinion.

    Great platform for content and the widgets make it do what you want.

    Since we moved to the 2012 Theme, the only problem that we had for WP was trying to make it mobi friendly with widgets, but 2012 theme is great on mobi devices.

    So 2012 is now our basic theme and we run it pretty bare, focusing on a decent SEO widget to get pop for what we want. We usually also use sub domains for seo pop also. Links are a decent pop on google in our opinion from WP sites.

    Great program WP, it’s compeletely changed content on the net.

    Oh yeah, so of our sites, some have hundreds of pages of content, others are waiting to find editors for. But a WP blog even with minimal posts ages well in our opinion in the SE’s. (brand new to push my ebooks mostly hehe)

    [Additional links removed – just one site at a time, please]

    These are just a few, we have hundreds of them now.

    Key is having your own class c’s to populate large networks, so if you are doing large scale WP development get some class c’s, which are getting tougher and tougher to get today.

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