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    Our company has branches around the world. The Canadian office handles sales into North and Latin America from a couple of warehouses. Our catalog is relatively small, about 500 active items at any given time.

    We have a couple of “custom” requirements, and I’m wondering if some of the users out there can comment on them. It’s possible that MP already handles some or all of these, in which case, fantastic! So…

    a) we need to put up multiple stores for our different branches. these stores share the vast majority of the catalog. the main exceptions are due to differences in mains power – Euro’s 220/50 vs. US’s 120/60. But this is perhaps 100 of the 500 current products. So for us, we want to have a single catalog that is filtered down, instead of multiple catalogs that are unioned together. (does that make sense?) Is this how the system works?

    b) for each of the sites we also need different prices. This isn’t just a currency conversion, it may cost us more to buy the version that works in country N. In the video I saw a single field for pricing… how does this all work?

    c) we also have an entire class of sub-distributers who get discounts. Most systems handle discounts through coupons that are applied at the checkout, and I saw that in the video. That doesn’t work for us, we need to display an entirely different price on every product throughout the entire cart system for these customers. Can I do that?

    d) we need to process manual workflows, including POS. we get a small amount of walk-in business, and, more importantly, handle a lot of phone orders. these work identical to online, but would be entered by office staff on the customer’s behalf.

    e) we need to have once-through processing without any stopping for login or account creation. select a part, press go, enter card info, done. this would often be combined with (d)

    f) we need to allow each customer to have multiple open orders at once. the sales cycle last weeks, and it’s typical for there to be a half dozen projects being quoted at any time. it would be even better if these could be given names so they could easily refer to them.

    g) sort of combining e and f… we also offer services where we plan out an entire system for the customer, and then enter an “estimate” or “quote” for them. Sometimes the sales team will change the price on any or all of the items as a bonus for making a kit. This is an order like any other, and should appear in the customer’s cart (you can see why the named orders would be useful here). The customer can then pay and check it out as normal. There is *one* difference though – all the user can do in these cases is read it and cancel the order or check out. They cannot edit anything! Is that something we could do without too much work?

    That’s about it. Everything else – multiple stores, different languages, that’s already OK.

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  • @maurymarkowitz

    First off apologies for the delay in getting back to you, we are in a big update stage on all of our products including the free versions here.

    wow that’s a list and a half, Most of this would require custom work unfortunately even with the pro version.

    Kindest Regards


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