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  • I just updated my blog quite a bit, which includes almost full functionality in IE (as usual, FireFox is fully supported!). I’m interested to see what everyone thinks of the “pop up? information that appears during a hover in most links on the site.

    Any feedback/comment is greatly appreciated!! (Especially if you can provide some insight on what it looks like in safari!!)




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  • Looks fine in IE and FF 1.5.
    Did you use java script for the menu? I’m too tired to wade thru the code. :>)

    Same here, looks good in Internet Explorer and Firefox. The only thing I would possibly tweak would be the sidebar, it looks pretty wide when compared to your main posting area.

    Thanks a lot for looking!

    no, no javascript at all!! i only use CSS because i think its cleaner…

    if you want to know how to implement menu’s like that, give me an email and I would be happy to explain!

    yeah, I wanted it to be wide so it would have a different look. Does it look silly?

    PS you’re theme is real cool, did you write it?

    It does seem a bit wide, but I don’t think it looks silly. If the menu across the top of it matched up in width, it’d likely look fine. Or maybe it’s supposed to match in width but it’s not in my browser?… I’m using Safari.

    The pop-up info doesn’t seem to quite fit with things. Seems a bit big and clunky compared to the look of the links you’re hovering over. Good idea though, maybe just refine a bit.

    Overal looks nice and clean though, so I’d say a few tweaks and you’re there.

    The left column looks a little wide in Mozilla, didn’t check other browsers and maybe add more color up near the navigation.


    thanks to everyone who has posted comments so far! I will be working on my site next weekend, and I will take all of this into consideration!!

    Anyone else?




    I just have one small reccomedation, and its not related to your site as much as here.

    Maybe next time you need more feedback you might want to just update one of these three threads you’ve started that all relate to feedback about your site/ opposed to starting yet another one.

    If everyone did that the world would be a better place.

    the other two were about two different themes, and when people read the old comments, it wouldnt make sense. ALSO, when people see posts with lots of responses, they tend to not read through all of them and give their input. I think its ok to start a new thread if its about something different.

    please don’t clutter the forums with meaningless posts.

    PS. you started two different threads in the misc. section this past week big guy. you’ve also started 13 threads overall, which means that you have definitely started more than one thread in each section.




    lol, excuse me? Check your chip on your shoulder, college-boy. I said absolutely nothing about the quantity of threads started except as how they relate to the content.

    BOTH of your previous threads provide links to your main site– NOT a deeplinked page thats specific to anything theme-wise. Secondly, ONE of your previous posts has a whooping SIX replies. Im guessing it wouldnt be that hard for anyone to wade through those posts (IF they were interested enough to do it).

    None of the threads I start contain duplicate content. In fact, if you happened to look that hard, you might notice that I BUMPED a thread I started many monthes ago related to my own site, after making signifigant changes INSTEAD of doing what you and many others do.

    Lastly, Im female.

    I tried to be polite as possible to you in my previous post. It wont happen again.

    Have a nice day, big guy, or should I say, small-guy.

    First off, polite never comes with rude sarcasm. If you didn’t like the way I ran my threads, you could have just sent me an email instead of attempting to belittle me in a thread that I started asking for feedback.

    Yes, my previous posts linked to my main site, BUT at those times I was using different themes, and different content. That is the type of confusion that I was trying to avoid by starting a new thread- I had changed my theme. Both times I started a new one was for feedback on different material. Reading into those older threads would just cause confusion.

    I come to these forums for the same reason that everyone else does, and it’s for help. If you aren’t going to help me than please don’t respond to my threads…

    And here is some advice from the “college boy?… month, when pluralized is spelled “months?, and not “monthes?. Also, Significant is spelled just as it is pronounced… not ‘signifigant’. I think I spelled it like that in third grade…

    Lastly, I couldn’t care any less about what gender you are, big guy.

    I think we can close this thread before it degenerates further into juvenile frothing at the mouth.

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