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  • I’ve just set up a personal blog using a the Tuesday theme and I love it!

    I have one little issue I can’t seem to be able to fix.

    I’m from Hungary and I want to use the latin-extended subset for my choice of Google webfont (Dosis), I need this so that the following two characters will be included in my fotn: ‘ő’ and ‘ű’ (they are not included in Latin). Unfortunately under Theme Customization, there are only options for Cyrillic/Greek/Vietnamese subsets and not Latin Extended.

    I easily managed to fix this by changing the highlighted code (from latin to latin-ext) in functions.php.

    // Register web font stylesheet
    if ( get_theme_mod( ‘font-subset’ ) ) {
    $add_subset = ‘&subset=latin-ext,’.get_theme_mod( ‘font-subset’ ).”;
    } else {
    $add_subset = ”;
    wp_register_style( ‘webfont’, ‘//’.get_theme_mod(‘font’, ‘Open Sans’).’:300,400,600′. $add_subset .”);

    As far as I understand, what this did is include the latin extended subset when selecting any other subset in Theme Customization. I know this is not optimal (because now I have to include e.g the greek subset to get my Hungarian letters), but I can live with that. And it works too! It works too!

    I tested it on a number of platforms/devices and it works on most, but does not work on my iPhone. The above two letters (ő / ű) fall back to Arial. One comment though: it will work if I set the mobile browser to desktop mode.

    Works on:
    PC (Windows 7/8 – Chrome, IE8)
    iPad Air (iOS7 – Safari, Chrome)
    LG G2 (Android 4.2.2 – Browser, Chrome)
    Samsung Galaxy S4 (Android 4.2.2 – built-in browser)

    Does not work on:
    iPhone 5S (iOS7 – Safari, Chrome)
    Nexus 5 (Android 4.4 – Chrome)

    I tried disabling all wordpress plugins – didn’t work.
    I tried a fresh installation of the theme (where I only changed the above code) – didn’t work.

    Can you help me figure out what may be going wrong? Any help would be much appreciated. Here’s the link to my website in case you want to test-drive it (

    Thanks so much,

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