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  • Some of the locations on our map are not yielding results. I get a something went wrong message when trying to access the locations in South America and Cuba or our custom notice that there isn’t a result in the area, when there is. In the United States, our locations in Atlanta are not working, while they are working in cities like Dallas. Please help. Thanks!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hi Tijmen!

    Seeing the same thing with our store locator —

    Specifically, when searching for Los Angeles, CA, which has 48 stores in the area, we receive an error message stating “No Results Found.” Same situation in Bakersfield, CA.

    However, when searching for San Francisco, CA, or Miami, FL, the results show just fine.

    Would appreciate your help to figure out what’s going on. Love your product & thank you for all the hard work.


    Plugin Author Tijmen Smit


    Can you check if a map region is selected on the settings page, and if the checkbox that shows up after a map region is selected is active? If so, uncheck the checkbox.

    @pcdrgf and @drew75 Do you have an exact address that isn’t showing up. Then I can test it on a dev server and see what the response from the Google Geocode API is.

    If you don’t want to share the address here, then send it to tijmen at

    Plugin Author Tijmen Smit


    Also, if you enable autocomplete on the settings page, then select the location you’re searching for and make a search. Does that change anything?

    Hey Tijmen,

    I have the map region set on United States, but that is the only option I can choose. We have locations outside of the United States (one in Mexico) and it seems to function properly. However, as I said above, a location such as one we have in the Cayman Islands and Guatamala, does not work and of course our locations in Atlanta are not working.

    An address to test is in Atlanta is 1610 Southland Cir NW
    Atlanta, GA and one to test in Guatemala is 20 Calle final, Km 6.8 Carratera de Muxbal Bodega 13 Guatemala.

    Please keep in mind, I had a developer do some customizing the the plugin a few years back that allows you to click on a marker from a zoomed out distance select a location and in most cases, this works, but not all.

    As for locations in Atlanta, they do not yield results when typing Atlanta in the search field and searching even at a distance of 100 miles.

    When you ask about enabling autocomplete on the settings page, do you mean the ‘Attempt to auto-locate the user:’ option?

    I am having this problem as well, it seems to occur more with city names that are in more than one state although that is not the only ones. Any help in resolving would be much appreciated.
    Our store locator is on:

    Cities such as Arlington, WA are not showing up and giving the “No Results Found” message. We have two locations there.

    I am having a similar issue. Some postal code searches yield no results despite having many locations in and around said postal code. The same holds true for certain city names.

    Additionally, it seems that my store location lookups work if I type in the postal code, but not if I type in the name Atlanta itself.

    Plugin Author Tijmen Smit


    – Searching by zip code has always been problematic since they can exist in multiple countries. Unless a map region is selected, it will not always work fine.

    – In some cases you simply need to provide more info because the city / town name can exist in multiple states. So adding the state name behind it should fix it, or enable the autocomplete function on the settings page ( but on high traffic websites you probably shouldn’t do this since it may increase the bill quite a bit due to the amount of requests made in the background ).

    – In other cases it breaks in a way that makes no sense to me, but I’m looking into it.

    <snip>[removed text that was incorrect]

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    Hi Tijmen,

    Thanks for the quick response. Tried the suggestions & some of my own troubleshooting.
    I think item 3 below might be useful for solving this.


    1. Tried to view Los Angeles, CA stores with “Restrict the geocoding results to the selected map region?” checked and unchecked – same error – “No Results Found”

    2. Same thing with “Enable Autocomplete” – Error experienced both checked and unchecked

    3. We have our default “Start Point” set to “Los Angeles, CA, United States”. I loaded the page under the default start point, and the locations showed up just fine. I then searched for “San Diego, CA” and the locations showed up as well. When I tried manually typing in the search box “Los Angeles, CA, United States,” the locations did not show up. This likely indicates the Google Maps API is recognizing Los Angeles, and that the plugin is making the API call on initial load differently from when it is manually searched, with the manual search script having some sort of error.

    Interested to hear your thoughts. Thanks!!

    Best Regards,

    Plugin Author Tijmen Smit


    The coordinates I get for Los Angeles, CA, United States are 34.0522342,-118.2436849, and if you enter them here, then Google doesn’t recognize it. But those coordinates are returned by the Geocode API itself, and that’s the problem.

    The reverse geocode doesn’t recognize all the coordinates returned by the Geocode API itself.

    You can check the coordinates yourself,%20CA,%20United%20States&key=use-your-browser-key here.

    Great, sounds like we’ve found the root cause – Google’s API service itself has a problem.

    To make sure I’m understanding correctly:
    – When someone enters a search query on the store locator page, the plugin makes a call to Google’s Maps JavaScript API to get the Latitude and Longitude with the “Address” parameter set to the value in the search box.
    – Next, the plugin makes a call to Google’s Reverse Geocoder API to [get a plain-language location?].
    – When fed “Los Angeles, CA, USA,” the Maps JavaScript API is returning coordinates for Los Angeles, but when those same coordinates are fed through the Reverse Geocoder, it’s not returning Los Angeles. This is the root cause of the error.

    If the above is accurate, then we need to raise this with Google, correct?


    Plugin Author Tijmen Smit


    Ah no, I’m making a mistake now. The reverse geocode API isn’t normally called in the code, but I just used it to test if the coordinates that are returned by the Geocode API itself are known by the reverse Geocode API ( it would make sense if it recognized it’s own data ).

    The coordinates from the Geocode API are used the find nearby locations in the database, but if the coordinates are incorrect, then it won’t find anything.

    I have to do more testing and see what’s going on here.

    @tijmensmit, in the unminified wpsl-gmap.js file on line 1148 there is a conditional check for status that is causing the error. If that conditional is removed and the callback() is allowed to fire, results are returned properly. This is within the “reverseGeocode” function.

    Plugin Author Tijmen Smit


    @fostermade. I do see an error there, but that code only runs if you drag the marker, click click on a ‘directions’ link or the statistics add-on is enabled. So it’s unrelated to the current issue, but still a bug that should be fixed.

    @mister-fla can you take a screenshot of your settings and send it to tijmen at I created a location in Arlington WA based on the details from your site, and if I search for ‘Arlington, WA, USA’, then it does find the location. So I suspect you enabled something that I didn’t, and that breaks it. But hard to say what it unless I can compare the settings.

    @tijmensmit I just tried testing out one of the locations in Atlanta that isn’t coming up if I do a search for Atlanta in the field (more people are going to do a city search rather than a postal code search) in the Reverse Geocoding page you provided and after entering the coordinates I have in the store details page latitude and longitude fields, it seems to work.

    The coordinates I entered are 33.801785-84.433586 for the address 1610 Southland Cir NW, Atlanta, GA 30318 and it works fine there, yet does not work in the map for WP Store Locator.

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