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  • Resolved Venutius


    Hi there,

    I saw the section to link the menu to the social icons menu, is there any way to choose which pages to exclude the social share options?

    Also, having picked the social menu, I got round containers but no icons, also the container remained round no matter which option I choose. Do I need to add the social icons somewhere?

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  • Plugin Author timph


    Hey Venutius, thanks for your questions regarding this plugin.

    Unfortunately, I haven’t explored having the icons displayed conditionally from page to page yet, but that is a feature I have planned to add in the future. I’m not sure yet if this will included in the interface itself( most likely ), or if it will be something that is specified in the filter manually by a theme in the functions.php.

    In terms of getting round containers and no icons, I’m not entirely sure what would be causing that. If you have a URL to the site where you have this happening, I’ll be happy to take a look at it. Since this plugin is relatively new, it hasn’t been tested across a wide range of themes.

    I would assume if you have added some icons to a menu, have the menu assigned to a menu location, then it’s likely it could be a CSS conflict in the theme. I’ve ran into a couple of issues in my testing against some themes, and will be providing an update in this upcoming week to reset some of the styles found in menus, and override with the styles provided by this plugin if icons are assigned.

    Plugin Author timph


    I’ve also opened up issues on the github repo as that’s where I’m planning to primarily handle developement. This is a URL for reference:

    I don’t think I’ve added any icons to the menu, I could not see where I could do this, all I’ve done is checked the “Social Links Manu” check box for the menu. I suspect I’ve not set this up right yet.

    Plugin Author timph


    Ah yes, to set things up, you will want to follow these steps:

    1. Go to the WordPress Customizer for your website.
    2. Click on the “Menus” tab.
    3. At the top of this section, you will see “Menu Locations”, click that. This will show you all your available menu locations that your theme provides. Not all themes provide multiple menu locations, so you might only have one.
    4. If you have a menu assigned to a menu location, you will see the menu name displayed in the dropdown box, and a link to the right that says “Edit Menu.” You will want to click on that link to edit that menu. If you don’t have a menu assigned to that location, then you will want to select one from the dropdown menu, and then select that link.
    5. Now you are editing the menu that is assigned to that menu location, and you can click on the “Add Items” button to add social media icons to that menu.

    It’s step 5 that does not seem to be working, “Add Item” does not reveal any social links options. There is one unusual item, one called “Format”, but it has no options.

    I’m pretty confused. These social links that are now in my footer – they are a replica of my site menu items. I thought they were going to be Facebook share buttons etc. Also they all show the same button. I get that I could change the url of the button to be one for a fb share, but how do I change the icon?

    I’ve worked it out, thanks, I did not realise I had to create a new menu for the social menu, sorted it now, thanks.

    Plugin Author timph


    Ah wonderful, I’m glad you were able to get it figured out Venutius! I will be adding more features in the upcoming week, and if you run into any other issues – let me know!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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