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    Totally new user of wordpress. Got stuck in the “famous 5 min installation” procedure. I think I need a bit more infor to be able to proceed.

    I want to re-vamp my (automatically generated by host-provider) website and want to use wordpress for it.

    – Do i need to upload wp to my website on the web or do I need to set up my own web-server and upload generated pages at a later stage?

    – If I want 2 blogs ( and do i need to setup wp 2 times (for each blog)?

    – can I use wp to manage my whole website, including start-page, info-pages and blogs or will wp only be suitable for the blogs?

    Sorry if these are old cheesy questions but I rather ask that to experiment on my live-website.

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  • You current website is on a webserver. You can upload WP to that webserver. I suggest backing up all your files prior, for safe keeping.

    Yes, if you’re going to set up to completely separate blogs, you’ll need two installations of WordPress, unless you plan on setting up a network.

    WordPress is a great solution to manage your entire website. I use it frequently to build sites, not just blogs.

    I hope this helps!

    Ok, thanks very much for the quick reply.

    Being a total WP newbie also means I am totaly new to all the available docs and help. Could you please point me to more information about these networks?

    I have no CMS at this moment so I guess I’ll start my website revamping from scratch using WP. How would I start planning the setup of my site?

    Maybe I could leave my site as is for the moment, and install wp in a dummy-folder so I can play with it for a while before changing my real site. Any tips on how to get hands on with WP without making an active site go down the drain?

    Here’s the link to WordPress networks. I hope this helps!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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