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  • hi,

    some questions about falang?

    I want to use falang on a woocommerce site whith thousands of products:

    1. is falang ready for use on production websites?
    2. how does falang work? what is the difference between wpml,qtranslate, polylang, etc technically?
    3. how and where are the translations stored?
    4. what impact has falang on speed and performance? (compared to wpml and multilingualpress and translatepress)?
    5. what happens with my site when i uninstall falang?
    6. how does falang deal with seo, hreflang tags, translation of slugs?
    7. can ALL elements of wp and woocommerce be translated? like product variants, categories, custom post types, etc.
    8. can ALL the elements of plugins and themes be translated?
    9. can ALL the elements of Gutenberg editor be translated
    10. can ALL the elements of WPbakery and Elementor pagebuilders be translated?
    11. When will you add google translate and deepl translation services?

    Thank you

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  • Plugin Author sbouey



    1) Falang is already in production site (it’s a qtranslatex migration)
    2) Falang store data in the meta table . You set a default language and you write your content in this language. For each language you configure the default language is displayed if no translation is done.
    wpml store data in other table and need a lot of join query
    qtranslate the data’s for each language are stored in the field. you can’t unpublish it.
    polylang is great if you want a site different for all languages.
    Falang is more when you want the same site in all languages , all translated or not.
    3) see 2
    4) all are stored locally , i haven’t yet make benchmark
    5) nothing all work as before
    6 ) you can translate slug/seo. hreflang tags are not yet enabled
    7) Normally yes but i haven’t all tested. The support is free actually.
    8)9)10) i haven’t tested all yet.
    For page builder i have another solution (only Divi yet) but Elementor soon, look at site
    11) when there are more user , it’s not a big developpement i have already the code for Falang on Joomla.

    You can contact me with the contact form on my site if you want

    thanks for your quick answers!

    I already have my woocommerce products (3000+ products) translated in csv tables.

    1. How can i import (or later export) these translations into falang?

    2. what is the difference between falang and wp multilang, as they both use qtranslate?

    3. what is the difference between falang and this new qtranslate-XT project?

    thank you!

    Plugin Author sbouey


    1) if in your csv file you have the id of the product it’s easy with a script
    the meta are stored with the language code

    the published need to be set to 1 to display it on front-end.

    Falang don’t use qtranslate , i have done a migration tools to Falang

    2) i haven’t tested it, i will of course
    3) qtranslate xt use the same data from qtranslte x , all data’s are stored in the post_content, post_name…


    thank you,

    but i have a csv with woocommerce data with many variant products and image links, how can i import these?

    Plugin Author sbouey


    You can write me with the contact form on the site.
    I will find a solution, so you can test It


    okay, i will

    thank you!

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