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    very nice small plugin, but some more and new features were really nice:
    1. Actual site domain should be default entered on the “add keyword” form. Or the least used domain should be entered as default. So the user have not to enter domain every time. Or Perhaps a new option in “settings” to define default domain, also glad.

    2. Possibility for delete some sample dates.

    3. I think it es important to strip keywords from domain. So someone can monitor keywords for several domains.
    3a. Also when searching same keywords for different domains, I hope the plugin make no new Google Searches for every domain. Better look for all domains in one step.
    3b. So in “add keywords” user should be able to enter several domains (max 5 or something like this).
    3c. Then in Settings also the option for default domains for all of the (e.g.) 5 domains would be glad.

    4. Question: I think you generate the ranking by simply check google search and look for domain. Do you ever get in problems with to much of google searches. I read google don’t like this for page rank checking.

    5. Some options would be nice for Page rank check interval
    – Change interval in days, not hardcoded 3 days, so could be also 7 days set.
    – Perhaps option to split the google ranking checks, so not all checks are done on same time, but could be spitted in hours or days. So do produce less or better spitted google search spam.
    – Action for “check now aka refresh now”. Could be interesting when interval can be configured and set also to of (only manual refresh).

    6. Add other search engines, at least Bing would be nice. Because algorithm is nearly the same, should be no big problem. Bing and perhaps also yahoo would be nice.

    I really like the plugin and hope you can add some features and also will make long support for this plugin.

    Thanks a lot and best regards

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  • Short answer would be nice.

    Hello, good to see that you again bring updates for your plugin. I had to customize your plugin, because it was not working any more.

    Now I don’t know if I can update. I had fixed problems with parsing the rank, because the search for correct rank was broken with some client ids. Know that on specific client Browser IDs, Google formats html response in an other way. Did you fix that?

    I had to implemented a workaround because Google is blocking to much search requests, and make every time only 15 requests, but shorter intervals. You write in Changelog that you improved something here, but what exactly? This kind of problems? How?

    See all other ideas for improvement in my first posting in this thread and on:

    Rank Report:
    – should show the last found url in column “url”. For this, every time the found url which has the domain-url inside should be saved. And then last found url displayed in column “url” in rank report.
    – A new column “best rank” and “best rank date” would be nice.

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