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  • Hello, I’ve just moved my wordpress site from one host to another and I believe I successfully transferred the database with it. I am currently having a bit of a content crisis though. If you go to my main page: you should find that there are slots for several images that do not appear. There are however some other images of the same size and shape with a similar purpose showing below. Anyone have any idea why some of my content is not appropriately displaying? If it helps, I also tried to upload new images, and those images uploaded but would not display anything either.

    Thank you for any assistance.

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    The paths for the images are wrong. You /content and it should be /wp-content.

    Ok, that makes sense but all of my uploads are /content rather than /wp-content. If that were the issue wouldn’t they all have the same problem?

    More importantly, how do I change the image paths; I think you are probably right but I have a lot of images and I’m not sure how to change their paths. Each of their file locations says they are in /content but I can’t seem to change that value, at least not in the media gallery.



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    Check your uploads path in Settings->Media. It should be blank in most installs.

    Ok thank you all! I just started changing some of my reference paths and the images are starting to work properly. I’ll check into that upload setting, I suspect it will work. Thanks a lot 🙂

    Moderator kmessinger


    What do you have in dashboard, settings, media, Store uploads in this folder . . . normally this would be blank.

    It did have content/uploads, I just removed that, not sure when I put it there… but anyways things appear to be working. So that is good 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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