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  • Hi, I have a number of problems relating to the images on my site, I would greatly appreciate any suggestions –

    – Some featured images are showing on the home page but not on the post when I click on it
    – I sometimes can’t load featured images, even though the image is showing in the media library
    – Some images not showing on each post
    – Some images that appear on the mobile version of my site don’t show up on the computer (mac)

    All images in the media library are showing up

    Thank you for any help

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  • The loading of the images take a really long time to come up. This server that you are on (not going to name the company) is SLOW and oversold. I see by looking at it, there are too many websites being hosted (literally thousands).

    You need to get onto a hosting company that isn’t putting so many websites on a server…..

    It may be happening due to the plugins. I would like to suggest disable the plugins and check are it working correctly or not.
    Also, I saw in all images have http://
    Another suggestion is to upload images again through media because broken image URL is not working. That mean there is image issue.

    After all, I enjoyed your site. Nice!

    Hi Nisha, thanks for the suggestions & also taking a look at my site!

    I’ve been deactivating & re-installing the plug-ins one by one & that seems to have fixed the images for now…

    What do you mean “I saw in all images have http://” – is this bad? What should I be doing differently from now on?

    Thank you again!

    Hi Sheenyie,

    “I saw in all images have http://” – is this bad?
    No, it is not bad. I thought image issue may be created due to this, previously site have http:// and now it is not.

    Glad to hear this. Cheer Up!

    Thanks Nisha, you’re awesome!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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