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    Hi everyone and FYI I’m a Noobie so please not to many tech word for me. Ok so here is the problem, some of the images that are in Media Library appear Broken…Not All and not in the site, only in Media Library. In other words all my products/images appear good under manage products, the problem is only in media library. I’ve changed file storage path under setting>media to wp-admin/upload.php hit saved then everything looked OK. Later that day (February 27th 2013) i check to see if everything is still OK and Baaammm NOT OK. So i go back to check the setting under Setting>Media and all that’s there now is image size controls, the other stuff disappeared !!! underneath that there should be the option to be able to change the storage path and something else which i don’t remember what it is. So now i need to help on how to get storage path to reappear again and still have the problem of broken images in my Media Library.



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  • OK so after reading some more I found out that it is normal for WP 3.5.1 media library under settings>media that the upload path disappeared. Now I’m left with why are some of the images appearing Broken…even if i edit the image still nothing. Also my background Image and Logo are in media library. PLEASE HELP.

    I just want to get this resolved thanks everyone.

    Hi i feel like im talking to myself lol….no but really I am. OK so i found this plugin that is great for nobbies like my self or for people that have no clue on how to access the upload path since 3.5.1 decided to remove it.The plugin is called (WP Original Media Path) let me tell you that this is a great Plugin, everything re appears all of the sudden. OK now that i can access the upload path i can make my changes. Here is what i did… when you go to Media Library and it opens i looked at my address bar and it said this ( so i thought it would be a good idea to use (wp-admin/upload.php) as the path. so I did and all the images appear now but is this Correct ?? Please Help.Thanks

    Well After i made these changes my website is telling me these paths are wrong.Its is saying to use the following.
    1. Upload folder (wp-content/themes/shopperpress/thumbs)
    2. Full URL path to files (

    So this is supposed to be the correct way and it probably is but then the pics in my Media Library are showing up in Broken images but not all. Please help, I need someone with who knows about this stuff. I just cant find any info on this subject on the web.


    Thanks I have uninstalled the images that would show in Media Library and re installed them now they show up. Only 2 images are still not showing up because I’m a little nervous about deleting and re installing and they are the background image and logo image. how do i get those 2 to reappear without deleting them? Thanks

    Try re-uploading them via Appearance ->Header & Appearance -> Background.

    Ill give that a try, But should these 2 images be in the media library ? or could these 2 images be installed or uploaded some how in another way? I ask because if i delete them and nothing happens to my site ill leave it no? Thanks

    I have re installed the images everything and resolved this issue Thank you.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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