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  • hi there thanks for the suggestions but it doesnt work…just gives me errors and says it cant update images.

    You you most likely have a permissions issue with your wp-content/uploads directory:

    When you move the site and re-import it, you also have to move the uploads directory.

    hi – it has nothing to do with either of those things. if u check out the post i linked to u will see that some of the images work and others don’t. even if u click the broken link it still takes u to the right image. the thumbnail is just not showing in the post properly.

    when i imported it also downloaded and imported all attachements into the uploads directory which is why all the images are already there.

    It’s because you need to regenerate the thumbnails. If you go to:

    You’ll see that the base image is there, the link above is to a thumbnail (you can tell by the 322×484 at the end of the link for the image that is missing on the page above).

    This is the link to the missing image:×484.png

    The the regenerate thumbnails plugin will fix this, but if it’s throwing errors, it’s most likely because you have a file permissions problem. Post the errors that the plugin is making and I may be able to help further.

    As well did you switch themes at the same time? This could also have caused the issue.

    Note, your uploads directory has to be writable by the user the web server is running as, not just the user you use to ftp back and forth from the site with.

    i am regenerating thumbnails now. yes we are using a different theme. what permissions need to be set on the uploads folder? 777?

    Really depends on the web host and what ownership is set on the directory, there is no one answer for that question. If the thumbnails are regenerating without errors, you should be fine as is.

    The web server needs to be able to write to the directory. The web server will be running as a different user than the user you log in to the server as, 777 is generally considered by be insecure, but could work, as could 755.

    Safest plan is to contact your web host and find out what user name the web server runs as and then chown (change owner) of the uploads directory to that user. You can then set the permissions to 755 in most cases.

    The error arose because WordPress creates thumbnails of uploaded images based on the settings of the theme in use when you upload the image. When you switch themes, the new theme may use different thumbnail sizes which haven’t been created for images uploaded prior to when you switched themes.

    WordPress doesn’t create different sized images on the fly, but rather creates them on image upload, which allows the web server to better handle traffic and reduces overall server load.

    ok regenerated all thumbnails. still not working. uploads folder is set to 755

    what should i try next? thanks for all the help so far.

    oh and i still dont get how some images show up and others do not??

    ive just discovered there is a small bit of code at the end of some of the image links that is causing it not to show: something like ‘-648×432’ which is clearly a dimension code that is unnecessary. anyone know how to remove this from all the image links? there are like 2000 images on my site.

    an example of the wrong code:


    if i remove the -648×484 it works!

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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