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  • Hi

    I’ve been getting to grips with WP and frankly though I think its very easy to use and looks great, I love the fact you can get so many free templates and plugins and so on but….

    There seems to be alot of issues, maybe there bugs or whatever but, I need a reliable CMS system to create websites for my customers and ok there is updates when issues have been found but you can’t expect a novice, who say owns a building company to update stuff and deal with the bugs problems.

    I can’t add pictures or hyperlink to my pages, I make the change and save it but there is no change I just get taken to the home page.

    Also sometimes I can’t delet a page, I click delete and press ‘ok’ to confirm then go to a another page similar to the ‘pages’ page with the page I’m trying to delete highlighted in red, but thats it.

    any advice on the problems or indeed about CMS WP in general would be appreciated.

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  • You are mixing very different things here… (but you are not the first one)

    1. Your install. Since for the majority of WP users all the features work correctly – when they don’t, it is always related to the user’s host, his computer, his browser, his settings, his bad install etc.

    2. For your customers YOU do the upgrades.

    And don’t double post because I am very fast with the delete button!

    There are probably ‘better’ CMS systems out there (/me ducks for cover) but I think few if any allow you the amount of control with the same reliability and accessibility as WordPress. Especially if you’re into rolling your own solutions – WordPress has perhaps the best documentation and support I’ve seen in any open-source project (not to say that there aren’t holes, but by the time you hit them typically you can deal with them as well)

    ‘about CMS WP in general’ – that’s a very deep rabbit hole, my advice would be to try to break-down and articulate in very manageable bite-size chunks what your requirements – and for that matter problems are

    No problem, I though the first post was in the wrong category. sorry about that.

    so what the problem with deleting etc ? Honestly I do like WP just need to sort out these problems otherwise it not much use to me.
    i’m goin to delete all the wordpress related stuff, thems, plugins etc on my host and start over. Its a standard linux host.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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