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  • I’ll help with some of them.

    You have some problems with your lists which are set with UL to open the list and LI for each list item. Nested lists are tough and there is a good explanation of how these work and what can go wrong with them at:

    You have a slash, for some reason, in a couple of your graphics, and they use single quotes instead of double qutoes. You also have a slash in the middle of the image link. Very odd. It looks like this:

    <img src='/wp-content/livedrunk.jpg' alt='Livedrunk' / border="2"/></div>

    and it should look like this:

    <img src="/wp-content/livedrunk.jpg" alt="Livedrunk" border="2" /> </div>

    You also have some paragraphs that are either not open or not closed.

    When you enter something into your Write Post screen, make sure there is a double space between paragraphs to help WordPress know to put an opening and closing <p> tag in.

    I hope this helps you get started.

    go to the validator and if he has done his work
    klick on:Show Source—>revalidate

    if he said (ie)
    Line 86, column 4: character data is not allowed here
    scroll down to the source and so ou could figure out in which template or file or which css declaration you’ll find the mistakes

    (I hope you understand my (excellent) english;) )

    the validator doesn’t know in which language your blog is,
    tell him and all browsers in your header


    Les Bessant


    keeper of the Tiggers

    Starting with the first one (line 86), you have text “Een blog…” directly inside a <ul>, which isn’t allowed. Put <li> and </li> around that block of text, and that one’s fixed. The line 88 one will go away too.

    Line 118 and 146 – same kind of error.

    Line 185 – looks like an extra
    has crept in, try removing it.

    Line 330 – you’ve got an extra / in an image tag (alt='Livedrunk' / border="2"/) – take out the one before “border”

    that should get you started…

    EDIT: Must type quicker, beaten again 🙂

    Not beaten. Everyone helps here. 😉

    Well thanks all for helping, I solved the ‘ & ” issues, that’s one.

    For the < li> Een blog…< /li> problem, I tried (as you can see now) but with < li> it also puts an icon in front which is not meant here. (But the erros are indeed gone)

    The < p> problem is done, I just ordered the post in the “write post” screen.

    I’ve looked to the < ul> < li> things, but they seem good in my sidebar.php, still…..they aren’t.

    The other problems I’m still trying to fix, to error list is already shrinking 😛 Only 3 more to go !!

    ps. Monika, how can I tell the validator and headers the language? (and why?)

    The “icon” in front of the LI is there because it is listed in your style sheet to be there. If you don’t want it, go into your style sheet and remove the reference. Steps on how to do this are in the two articles on styling lists and customizing your sidebar that I posted before.

    As for the foreign language issue, I’m not up on how all that works, but you may find information about it at:

    Below are the results of attempting to parse this document with an SGML parser.

    1) Line 118, column 24: document type does not allow element “div” here; assuming missing “li” start-tag
    <div id=”chatoutput”>

    2) Line 146, column 5: end tag for “li” omitted, but OMITTAG NO was specified

    You may have neglected to close a tag, or perhaps you meant to “self-close” a tag; that is, ending it with “/>” instead of “>”.

    3) Line 118, column 4: start tag was here
    <div id=”chatoutput”>
    The first and third error or those of the Ajax shoutbox, maybe that’s the same reason why the shoutbox’s layout is screwed up in IE 6.0 but works in Firefox. Maybe I should ask the author of the Ajax shoutbox for help on this.

    The second error is the last < / ul> problem. I tried to remove this but that results in strange layout for all blocks under this < / ul>

    Think I’m as far as I can get with this 🙂 Thanks all for helping me in this. I’ll go and read some more on the ul li thing and the language. Still wondering why a browser of validator needs to know what the language of my site is btw.

    Thanks all !!

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