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  • On the whole 2.5 seems like a good step forward, however there are a few areas where I thing WordPress has leaped backwards.

    1) Widgets/Sidebar screen – its just awkward and cumbersome to use now. What was wrong with the old layout? Now I have to select sidebars to switch between them, its not clear what has been used and what hasn’t, widget options page is nice and scrolly – but not practical. Expand a widget, scroll down to save then you have to scroll back up to the sidebar again.

    2) Post editing screen – what a mess! It now takes me 4x longer (not joking!) to create posts now.
    2.3: Fill in title, enter post text, scroll down and start upload of picture (slow connection) while uploading assign tags, categories and custom fields. When image uploaded, copy path to a custom field and save.
    2.5: Fill in title, enter post text, open new window to upload image, wait while uploads, forgot to copy post title to clipboard so close window copy post title, reopen window, find image uploaded and change details. Remember to copy image path to clipboard, close window, fill in custom fields, save post.

    I aim to post around 6 posts per day. I just did this, generated my own custom thumbs (I use a fixed size, cropped and photoshop filter which I upload seperatly via ftp) uploaded and checked my drafts. Expecting to see my 6 posts, quite sup surprised to see 26! 6 posts + 20 “Draft created on April 1, 2008 at 5:38 pm”

    Can we at least have the old image uploader back?

    Just my .02c, I like 2.5, I just feel that it needs some refining.

    Keep up the good work


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  • “2) Post editing screen – what a mess! It now takes me 4x longer (not joking!) to create posts now.”

    That I do agree with, why were all options moved to the bottom? Now, you have to scroll down to gain access to them whereas they were quite handy before, sitting on the right hand side of the editor screen.

    There are some issues with deleting posts. We normally don’t use this function much but I tried to create a post I got some errors after trying for 3-4 times it worked.

    Now I am getting this stupid page over and over again which says. Error Deleting Post

    Now this is really stupid.


    Mohit Aneja
    Sharing Best Practices!!

    I do agree with you, Mohit.

    I found it to be quite shocking that two days before 2.5 was released, it showed 73% complete on the Milestone 2.5 Roadmap’s page. It makes me wonder if they had a bug correction blitz or they pre-released it and will be releasing countless bug fixes upgrades.

    According to that page, they’re now working on 2.51 which should come out in a month and has 41 active tickets.

    Visit the roadmap page


    Hmmm. I think I might roll things back to 2.3.3 for a while and see how things pan out…

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