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  • I’m the person behind the “Why Word Press?” of a few days ago. It was largely a rant, but the responses to it were more favorable then I ever would have expected. Whatever I might not like about wordpress, I can’t find fault with this forum after that.
    I’m a retiree with a small pension, and I won’t starve if my envisioned web practice doesn’t take off soon. And if I rake in hundreds from it instead of hundres of thousands, it won’t be the end of the world.

    I am shelving it for the time being – but not for all time – and I’m re-reading source books I’ve been relying heavily on, notably the absolute wordpress beginner’s guide by Tris Hussey.. I read the first few chapters again last night, after having cooled off from this debacle.
    I am understanding aspects of the setup that previously slipped past me, though I went over these source materials with a fine tooth comb. I suppose there that the issue might have been with me. One instructor I had a few years ago said that I excelled with programming logic, coding, and knowing the languages and such, but that when it came to file management, there was room for improvement.

    One single source of great confusion, within the said reference, that the preferred way to go with is SFTP rather than FTP. I’ve seen on the database page that there’s an SFTP table at the bottom of the page, below the listing of files in FTP. I did download FileZilla for this undertaking, and I have down pat the business of opening it to edit files and stuff. And to my everlasting credit I realized last night that even after you make amendments to the wp-config-sample.php file and save it as wp.config.php, there is still a wp-config-sample.php file on hand. These are the kind of issues that have driven me nuts.

    Thank you for your support.

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    I’ll take a shot at the second part but below I will ask you to post in the right place, OK?

    One single source of great confusion, within the said reference, that the preferred way to go with is SFTP rather than FTP.

    That’s really an issue with terminology. Mosts host providers support SFTP because it’s encrypted and your credentials are not transmitted in a way that someone could obtain them easily.

    Regular FTP (the non-encrypted file transfer protocol) is regarded as a poor choice because it’s well, not encrypted. There are many ways to get your files onto your host and some people prefer a web GUI such as cPanel.

    Use the file transfer method of your choice. Personally, I prefer a CLI scp file-name-HERE.txt myself and I suspect you may too. But that’s up to your preference.

    Some General Musings

    This is the Wrong Place™ to post that part. 😉

    *Drinks coffee and hopes you do not mind*

    These are support forums, these are not a place for “Some General Musings”. These are not conversation forums and these are not for anyone’s blog posts. But we do have some fine software that and I suggest you install that on your server if you have not already done so.

    If you have done so and have problems or questions then please, please, please do me a favor: can you start a new topic in the right place with just those questions? Not in “Everything else WordPress” but in the “Fixing WordPress section”.

    Or if you are having trouble installing WordPress can you do so in the Installing WordPress section.

    With something concise please like “How do I get wp-config.php onto my server?” as an example. When you post concisely in the right place then the odds of other volunteers helping you increase dramatically. This topic is titled something imprecise and that’s not really a good topic title.

    If you want to just wax philosophical then that’s fine but not here. This just isn’t that sort of forum.

    I’m leaving this topic open but I am closing the other one. See above for why.

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