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  1. romulus
    Posted 11 years ago #

    I have installed a new blog on my test machine (version 1.2RC1). So far its running fine. But I have a strange problem with content of post. Before first word of content there a some (20 I think) < Character (html entity: <) Additionally on some posts the whole first paragraph is not displayed. When I edit these posts, there is no problem: the lt; characters are not there and the post is complete with no missing parts. When I look into my mysql database with phpmyadmin I can see no problem.
    Please have a look:
    (this is on my test machine at home with slow upload, so please go easy at it)
    Where does this come from? The posts are from a b2 0.662 blog and I have copied the database I think with no problem.
    When I post new posts the same problems are there as with the old posts from b2. So please, could someone give me a hint, what I can do to solve these problems?

  2. romulus
    Posted 11 years ago #

    hmm found it myself. It was the markdown plugin. As I deactivated it all was ok. Guess, I have to use textile now ;-)

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