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  • I am working with a client that wants to create an online form that can be used by patients to enter health info.
    The form would be used by patients of a number of doctors.
    The patient’s name and personal info would be available to that patient’s doctor only. The answers to the non-identifying questions would be available to all doctors using the system to allow them to analyze the data from all patients.
    So – several doctors would have access to form data as data files, but would only see personal info such as name for their own patients. To protect privacy of patients, we would also like to make it so even the website admin can’t access personal data fields from the forms – only the doctor of a patient would see personal info fields.
    Is this possible to do with the HIPAA forms plugin and gravity forms? If so, how? Would we need further customization?
    Thank you.


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  • Plugin Author codemonkeys


    This wouldn’t be possible in the current version.

    Currently anyone given either administrator or the hipaa user role would be able to access all submitted forms.

    We are implementing the ability to completely separate forms by user role and/or specific users for the next major release so that specific users can only see specific form submissions.

    Unfortunately even that option won’t really do what you need since you’re wanting the ability to still allow form data to be viewed by other users but with the e-phi stripped out. To do this we would need to add an option to each form to check if it should strip e-phi and be visible by others while still displaying the full form to the selected doctor then build in the ability to add an identifier to each field in the form to determine what is or isn’t e-phi and then build out the checks when viewing the submitted forms to determine if that user should see the full form or the stripped version.

    This isn’t something we foresee building into the general plugin/api as it would add layers of complexity against a limited use case. One thing we’re trying to be very conscious of is usability compared to feature sets with this. It can be easy to go down rabbit holes with something that is already as complex as HIPAA and end up with a user interface that becomes overly complicated with too many settings and options that ends up just confusing the end users.

    What you’re asking for is possible but I think we would have to build a custom one-off solution for it. If that’s something you want to explore feel free to give me a call at 715-941-1040 and we can try to scope it out for you.



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