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  • Hi, I have some feedback on this excellent plugin after trying it out for a while. Perhaps some of these can be included in the free plugin or in the pro extensions?

    The ability to add javascript callbacks would be very useful for customization. For example, I use the “Daddy like” like button plugin for comment likes. But when I load more comments the like button disappears. The popular Wp ajaxify comments has four options for callbaks:

    OnBeforeSelectElements: Called before the plugin selects any DOM elements. The DOM tree the plugin is currently working on is passed as parameter “dom”.
    OnBeforeSubmitComment: Called before a (new) comment is submitted.
    OnBeforeUpdateComments: Called before the plugin replaces the comments.
    OnAfterUpdateComments: Called after the plugin has replaced the comments.

    The voting function can be improved. The option to only have up-votes would be great. Voting down a comment which you have previously voted up requires two clicks – from +1 to 0 to -1 – which is not elegant. The Daddy like plugin also displays which user has liked the comment much like Facebook does it. I see that you also store the user id in the database, so that wouldn’t require much to include.

    A report comments function. There is a good WordPress plugin called “Safe report comments”, but it is probably not being maintained any more and its appearance is basic. Something better looking would be great.

    An option to use custom loading images would also be nice as well as the possibilty to disable the overlay popup with the big spinning wheel.

    Some thoughts on front-end notifications. I read that you will release something like that soon. There are a growing number of blogs which have nice front-end dashboards, for example User Pro and front-end posting plugins like Frontend Publishing Pro (both on CodeCanyon). It would be great to have comment notifications (new comments on the same post your’re commenting on, replies to your comments and comments to your posts) as well as pages which collect all your comments and the replies to your comments. I wrote some simple scripts to make such pages myself, but they are costly since they have to go through all published comments with get_comments and then another WP_Comment_Query will filter the results. Much better would be to append all the comments that belong to every unuique user (both those made by the user and the replies to that user by others) in a separate database table. Perhaps the results can be stored in transients in order to enable some kind of real time notifications, e g “you have two new replies”. I am not sure if this is in the scope of this plugin, but it would surely be a groundbreaking feature in WordPress.

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