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  • perhaps quick tags is a place where :
    could be added for css nuts who like to markup their posts with custom css. an example being padding-left for an indent instead of using blockquote.
    the ability in users or edit to transfer ownership of a post from one user to another. much the same function as categories.
    wp-layout.css in the list of templates available to edit.
    an non-table calendar that could be displayed inline and an available though perhaps commented out tag in the template for said calendar. a user could comment in our out the respective calendar without having to fiddle the template too much.
    alternate styles for the actual wp interface, persons with reduced vision would tend to find the starkness of the design difficult to handle – i can whip up some css for this if it’s considered interesting and or practicable.
    wp is a desperately cool piece of work by the way.

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  • in case u dont know it yet:
    this is a place for custom css styles that work with WP1.x

    though it’s not the external css that visitors see but the css used to style wp when you log in. those styles are the ones i was referring to. i’ve re-styled my blog and fiddled the template to achieve what i wanted there, maybe i’ll see if i can’t apply something to the internal presentation on a dev blog i set up for purposes of play.
    the styles found on the link are very good.

    these are the styles that apply on the blog not on the admin interface…
    or maybe i am just confused 🙂
    u want variants of css that runs the backend?

    Others have mentioned styling the admin interface. I would suggest that you go ahead and do it, but remember that for 1.2, the interface is not where the devs want it to be, so you can expect changes.

    On second read, I don’t think I get what the author is asking either… :\

    fatherofpip posting from work and have blatantly forgotten my password – such is life.
    here’s the list i wrote again:
    1.) I think that id=”” and class=”” would be a nifty adition to quicktags. id is a little redundant admittedly but there may be uses. class however would be very useful if an individual wishes to style a clipping from a news story to differentiate it from their own text.
    2.) Useful if the Admin user couldreassign ownership of posts to different users.
    3.) wp-layout.css on the list of files available to edit under templates.
    4.) An non-tabular calendar that could be displayed inline and an available, though perhaps commented out, tag in the template for said calendar. A user could comment in our out the respective calendar without having to fiddle the template too much.
    5.) Ok, here’s the one causing the confusion (or rather my description is:).
    Persons of reduced visual capacity have difficulty with certain coulour schemes. If WP is all standards then WAI should be one of them. The the bone-white and grey scheme of WP backend is a little tough on the eye, an alternative scheme with greater contrast, larger font sizes, strongly delineated fields and so on would be a boon to the user facing such problems. I’m not talking yellow on black 150% font size, actually equally as troublesome to visually impaired users, but a something generated for allround use by a wider range of users.
    In a sense the WAI concern has to do with the calendar also, though calendars almost crave tables for them to be recognisable to the general public.
    Anyway just some thoughts and a more cogently written list of requests.
    ps. wp still rocks.

    1) I agree… sometimes it’s a pain having to tuck those in yourself. There is a script that generates the js code that does the quicktags. Not sure where it is though.
    2) Oh man, I could have used this function. As a workaround, I had to go through the DB admin and use some SQL to update the records (good thing I know how to do that)
    3) True, but there is nothing stopping you from punching in wp-layout.css in the text box there and clicking the button. It’s what I do. OK, so having my browser remember all the things I’ve typed into it helps too.
    4) EEEK! While I see some value in de-tabularizing the calendar, I don’t agree with it on principle, because a calendar IS tabular data. So, let’s just agree to disagree on this point, I’m not going to change my mind and I’m not going to argue it.
    5) Hmmm…. never thought of that. I tried hard to get my main site to be compliant in such a manner, but never thought about the admin side. I kinda feel the same way about the default stylesheet. That grey used for links is hard to see normally, I cannot imagine how it must look to others.

    2) *snicker* Once 1.2 comes out, should be possible using a plugin (the cape and flying bit)
    4) Didn’t know that about tables and readers. Can only imagine that is does get annoying though.

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