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  • Aslam o aliekum Brother,

    I have been using your plugin for almost 5 masjids till now, Allahamdurillah everything works good. These are the feature requests if you can add it will be more helpful.

    1. An slides upload button to upload it directly(I have masjid imam to update the images frequently and they have issues uploading to images from wordpress and adding url to slides).

    2. Dimmming flexibility if we have custom Dim functionality or enable “dim” after isha till fajr so that screens don’t play all night. For taraweeh we need to dim the tv for longer period so if we have custom dim timings it will be great.

    3. Adding overlay timer with current time, when u dim the digital screen.( This is not major but for taraweeh people look at tv for timings due to dim they can’t see it properly.

    4.Custom Salah timings with automatic prayer timings, what i mean is every masjid here we have fajr after 30 min and magrib after 5 mins, zhur is 1.30 always, asr is 5 and isha is 8-9pm(depends). I know we can update each day timings but if we have some fixed custom time for each salah it will be great.

    So far we were able to automate the masjid digital screens, if above are taken care. Allhamdurillah everything will be automated. I volunteer at these masjids so automating at fullest will help me.

    jazakallah khair,
    may Allah provide you aafiyah and baraqah.

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    I was able to achieve the 1st feature to upload images, will try to create a pull request ins sha Allah.

    Plugin Author mmrs151


    Assalamualaikum dear brother,

    MashaaAllah, some really good thought out feature requests.
    Please make dua, I will have a look and see how much I can accommodate inshaaAllah.


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