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    Hi folks,
    As expected this version caused several problems.
    I could not login – though it said I was connected. When transferred to Cloudinary site login page, all navigation options stopped.
    Some parts were working – some not.
    I saw it started to scrape our site and upload various .jpg and .mp4 files to Cloudinary, even though I did not initiate a synchronize.
    I saw that the sync was set to ON – with a large green tick (auto?) but could see not way to turn it off.
    I only use Cloudinary for our images. Why did it start to upload our .mp4 files to Cloudinary?
    I also received the following error message – see below.
    Fortunately I had a backup of the whole site and was able to reinstall the old database and then go to Cloudinary and delete all the files that has been uploaded.
    Look forward to a fix. In the meantime have rolled back to previous version.

    System Error Message (redacted):
    “[Thu Apr 02 ……] [php7:error] [pid 24346] [client ….] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in /home/…../wp-content/plugins/cloudinary-image-management-and-manipulation-in-the-cloud-cdn/php/sync/class-push-sync.php:340\nStack trace:\n#0 /home/…../wp-content/plugins/cloudinary-image-management-and-manipulation-in-the-cloud-cdn/php/class-sync.php(119): Cloudinary\\Sync\\Push_Sync->prepare_upload(Object(WP_Post))\n#1 /home/…../wp-content/plugins/cloudinary-image-management-and-manipulation-in-the-cloud-cdn/php/class-sync.php(104): Cloudinary\\Sync->generate_signature(101148)\n#2 /home/…../wp-content/plugins/cloudinary-image-management-and-manipulation-in-the-cloud-cdn/php/class-media.php(682): Cloudinary\\Sync->is_synced(101148)\n#3 /home/…../plugins/cloudinary-image-management-and-manipulation-in-the in /home/…../wp-content/plugins/cloudinary-image-management-and-manipulation-in-the-cloud-cdn/php/sync/class-push-sync.php on line 340.

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  • Plugin Support Erwin @ Cloudinary



    Thank you for your feedback on this.
    I will pass this information to our internal team.

    Erwin Lukas

    Plugin Support Erwin @ Cloudinary



    Additionally, to address regarding the sync, since v2, we start supporting video as well, that’s the reason why all your video assets are sync’d to your Cloudinary account as well.

    Regarding the fatal error that you are seeing, can you elaborate on this and let me know in what scenario it is causing this error?

    Erwin Lukas

    Hi Erwin, Thanks.

    1) As both my site video storage and site broadband capacity vastly exceed my Cloudinary account capacity, how can I turn off the auto setting for video syncing? It is of no use to me. I use Cloudinary for images only.

    2) Regarding the fatal error issue – it occurred early during the 20 minutes when I had V2 installed and was trying to get it to work.

    As I mentioned above, “I could not login – though it said I was connected. When transferred to Cloudinary site login page, all navigation options stopped.”

    I surmise that the error message comes from that login attempt as the page just froze and I could not navigate away from it.

    This also seems confirmed by the error message, which relates in part to your “Sync->generate_signature” php, of which I know nothing.

    I did not attempt to use Cloudinary at the time of the error message – I was still in setup mode.

    3) I saw also that on my edit page the “Cloudinary Upload/Insert” button was missing.
    Is it now included within the WP “Add Media” button?

    4) I have all these issues before when V2-Beta came out and so was prepared for a mess and so had a full site backup ready to reinstall.

    In my humble opinion, full site backup is a mandatory requirement for testing V2 installation on a live site as it makes serious changes to the way it all works from previous.

    5) May I also humbly ask and suggest that you disable the autoload feature and have the user initiate it only after they know the reason for that function? That will stop the plugin moving massive amounts of data to Cloudinary unnecessarily – to be later deleted manially.

    6) Also I saw briefly on one page a “Sync” button with a note that if moves <1000 files at a time (bottom left of page) but I could not see full information on it and what it does. (I was in panic mode the time)
    Can you explain what that does?
    If it is a global sync of all media on my site – wow – how do I disable that permanently, so it is not accidentally activated?


    Plugin Support Erwin @ Cloudinary


    Hi Angus,

    Thank you for the update:
    1) Syncing all of the media to cloudinary and deliver through Cloudinary is one of the promises for our plugin. Having more granular control of what type of asset to sync and deliver through Cloudinary is not supported with v2. I will submit this request internally. In the mean time, I would recommend to downgrade to the latest v1.

    2) This seems to be a transient issue at the time, re-installing the plugin should resolve this

    3) When you are adding a media, you can either through Upload from local file and this will automatically synced to your Cloudinary account, or through Media Library, which you can upload assets from your Cloudinary account.

    4) Thank you for the feedback on this. I agree, as best practice, it’s always good to have a backup prior to an upgrade. This should not just specific to Cloudinary.

    5) When you refer to autoload feature, are you referring to auto syncing media to Cloudinary? Let me pass this to our dev team.

    6) This is to sync all your media from WP to your Cloudinary account. I will pass this as well to our dev team to allow more granular control.

    Again, we appreciate for your feedback on this and will put your suggestions into consideration.

    Erwin Lukas

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