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    I am able to export, but some of the fields are empty when I export them. I have made them required, and I can see that they have data in them when I click on the individual entry within the WordPress Dashboard … but this data is not exporting!

    I had no problems exporting the form entries in February and March. Then on 4/5/2013, 11:26:53 PM the problem began. I have 3 forms on my site, and this is occurring on only 1 of the forms. In addition, the 3 empty fields that are not exporting are repeated at the right of the .csv file.

    I am using Version 2.7.1 of the plugin. Please help ASAP as I have a deadline to meet!

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  • I just got 60 new entries for my form today, and the same 3 fields are empty when I export to csv. Ever since 4/5, these fields are not exporting correctly. Was there an upgrade on that day perhaps causing the problem? Would updating to Pro and exporting to an xls file solve the problem?

    Please help???

    Matthew, I upgraded to VFB Pro, but the problem persists. The same 3 fields that used to export fine, are no longer exporting!

    Please, please help, I am desperate. My deadline to provide the data to my client was yesterday!!!

    Please help!!!

    Plugin Author Matthew Muro


    The latest update to VFB Pro was on April 26. The free version was March 13.

    Maybe something on your server changed?

    Why would 3 of the 12 or so fields suddenly not export? The data is there. I am not the only person on this forum who has experienced the same problem.

    What kind of server issue are you suggesting? I cannot imagine one that wood affect only some fields.

    And my other forms are fine!

    Is there a way to get to my data through some other way? Where is the data stored?

    I had the same issue and noticed that the columns that weren’t exporting had apostrophes in them (eg Child's surname). Just did an experiment by duplicating the form, removing the apostrophe from the label from one of the missing columns and exporting the data from the duplicate form. The columns with apostrophes in their titles were still empty, but the one without was populated.

    Does this suggest what the issue is?

    I removed all the apostrophes from the field names and all the data was exported. Seems to be an issue with entities in field names – the apostrophes were being exported as '.

    Smart quotes is disabled on my server.

    grrr. the entity was '

    Hmmm, I think you are on to something! The 3 fields in question on my form all have ampersands in them!

    So, I duplicated the form like you said, and renamed the fields. But, how do you get the entries into the new form? When I duplicated it, the entries were not duplicated.

    I tried just editing the fields in the form with my entries, but that doesn’t seem to do anything for the entries that are already there.

    Matthew, can you do something about the filed names?? Right away???

    I don’t think you can get the old entries stored against the new form without going directly into the SQL database. I am not remotely qualified to tell you how to do that, and would say be VERY CAREFUL and back EVERYTHING up before you go in!

    I’m fortunate as I was testing a new form that only had dummy data in it, so no harm was done.

    PS…Might it be worth saying “please” to the dev? For free or even $10 this is an awesome bit of work.

    You are absolutely correct, Tom. Matthew, please, please can you do something so the export will accept columns with special characters in the labels.

    Funny thing is that the plugin exported my entries just fine in Feb. and March, and starting sometime at the end of March early April, I began getting the empty entries for the 3 fields that had special characters in the label – in my case an ampersand and a comma!

    Plugin Author Matthew Muro


    Sounds like a problem with the CSV not dealing with encoded characters. I will look into it.

    Thank you, I hope you can fix it soon! 🙂

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