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  • I’ll skip the part saying how great this theme is and go straight to the problem.

    Accordion and vertical tab elements on my pages went dead after theme upgrade. I am not sure after which update exactly because I have discovered issue by a pure accident when was about to edit one of the pages that are displaying them.

    I am using WPBakery page builder and Evolve theme (unfortunately for me free theme version only) and as far as i know it was working properly until recently. I have already went through other users issues here and could not manage to find a solution (tried with content boxes options but no luck).

    The good thing in everything is that content is actually there but elements aren’t working properly (they are not clickable so they are displaying only the first tab) and also when trying to edit them in WPBakery page builder, it does not show their content. Other elements like CTA buttons for example are working properly and can be edited.

    Any solution would be appreciated a lot but please keep in mind that I am new to all this and with low to no experience. Thank you

    Quick update:
    Issue with elements is present in latest Firefox Quantum 61.0.2 while in portable Chrome version 62 there are no issues at all !

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  • Some more details as I cant edit the thread again:

    Two of my friends have tried to log in and issue is present for both of them. However, one of them is using Chrome but he also has issue even I do not have it in my Chrome.

    Furthermore, when hovering over the elements each button becomes clickable but it can’t be clicked while target link after the domain name contains # followed by numbers and letters.

    Hope all this put some more light on the issue.

    Hi @justaniceguy, please provide the website URL. thanks

    Webpages that contain elements which are not working aren’t public. Only logged in members can access them and I don’t know if there is any way I can share login details with you here making it visible only for you (non public) ?

    private details cannot be shared could use the theme’s homepage to contact with such details. thanks

    As said, unfortunately I am not able to afford purchase at this moment which is required in order to get access to support forum. As I saw e-mail isn’t allowed for support questions and that makes my hands tied.

    What I know for sure is that definitely latest Evolve theme is producing issue as switching to default tweenty”something” theme fix the problem.

    What I have done is that I have restored theme from the backup (version 4.0.2) and everything works properly and that has fixed the issue. Both accordions and tab modules are working properly.

    I am still unsure if I will be giving up of Evolve and look for another solution as several Evolve theme updates gave me more headache than some other more complicated things being a beginner in all this.

    Anyway, thanks for your time and taking into consideration my issue.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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