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    Hi @fjarrett et al

    Some of the new strings in this plugin made me a bit concerned, so I had a look at the code. Here’s a short code sample, as illustration:

    ,recordvoiceover:{label:Object(ce.__)("Record Voice Over","coblocks"),keywords:[Object(ce.__)("record","coblocks"),Object(ce.__)("voice","coblocks"),Object(ce.__)("over","coblocks")],

    In English, “Voice Over” is a thing. But in most other languages, separately translating “voice” and “over” as keywords won’t in any way convey the underlying meaning.

    If you want to handle keywords, then I’d suggest that you group the keywords for one thing into one string for the translator, perhaps comma-separated, and then explode it into a matrix programmatically. Just don’t take for granted that the count of keywords will always be the same as in English.

    (and if possible, use context and/or translator comments to explain how the string will be used.

    Take care!

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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