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    I’ve recently started using this plugin and I’m already considering getting the Pro version because I’m so happy with it, but I have encountered some issues which I can only describe as bugs.

    BUG 1
    I’ve set up some tags before adding most of the content to easily define the website’s structure. This has caused an issue, however. Whenever I create a saved layout and enter a tag in the taxonomies that DOESN’T have any posts attached to it (in the tags page the count is zero), save the layout and later come back to it, the tag turns into a number which makes it unreadable.
    – create saved layout
    – add <tag> with count 0 to taxonomies
    – exit saved layout
    – return to saved layout
    – <tag> in taxonomies now displays as a number instead of name

    BUG 2
    When I create a saved layout with a taxonomy of a category that DOES have posts plus a tag that DOESN’T have any posts, and use the AND taxonomies relation, instead of showing the No Items notice, it instead shows all the posts that have the category and ignores the tag that I put in.
    – create saved layout
    – add <category> with count > 0 to taxonomies
    – add <tag> with count 0 to taxonomies
    – set taxonomy relation to AND
    – saved layout shows all posts in <category> and ignores <tag>

    BUG 3
    When I display a saved layout on a page using infinite pagination and a page item count of 6 (default setting) and the posts in the layout exceed the page item count, the first 6 posts will be displayed twice and the rest will be ignored. This doesn’t happen on the PC I use to make the website but it does happen on all other devices I tested (Both PCs and phones).

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    To add to BUG 3, I’ve now further found out that it DOESN’T happen when I’m logged in to the admin page of the website, but it DOES happen when I log out.

    Plugin Author nK



    Thank you for reporting to me. The 1st and 2nd bug will be tested and fixed in the next plugin update.

    The 3rd bug I can’t reproduce. Can you try to test it on a fresh installation without 3rd-party plugins? The second page items should be loaded if you open the page with the vp_page GET variable, something like this one –

    Regards, nK.

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    @nko thank you for your reply. I finally got around to doing some more tests and I found out that it was a conflict with the All in One SEO plugin.

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