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  • Hi!
    I’ve a Monster Template’s designed by Delta

    The blog page doesnt work.

    Only the last entry is displayed.

    Despite I’m less than a newbie, I could find that a while — endwhile loop aborts because of a comments_popup_link statement.

    If I take it off, the loop works fine and I can see all and every posts (but of course no the comments data).

    I’m completely unable to know how to fix it. Any help please ?

    This is the blog.php file’s content:
    [Moderator note: snipped code block, please use the pastebin as per the Forum Guidelines]

    The comments_popup_link statement makes jump out of the loop.

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  • Sorry.

    This is the code link:

    I’ve seen that comments_number() doesnt’t work either, and comments_popup_link calls it.

    I can’t find out why the demo works, as I haven’t change anything.

    My site only shows the first entry and stops before showing the comment line.




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    Is your site using a static page? If so, your designated posts page will use the theme’s index.php template file – not any custom template that you might have assigned to the page.

    Hi Esmi !

    It’s really outlandish.

    Yes, this theme has a static front page, but here is no page in the page list, nor any url for it.

    And yes, blog uses a custom template names “blog”.

    So I can’t give any front page name at “Readind display / Front Page display

    But… the demo of the theme works quite fine

    Can’t understand what’s the problem (or can’t understand whay the template’s demo works fine)

    More help ?



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    What is set for Reading->Front page?


    None of the available pages is the home one.

    I wonder how the demo can works ¿¿¿????

    IN fact, the only problem (nice way to say it) is that comments_number and comments_popup_link don’t work within a page, and the blog page is… a page.

    Anyway, blog works on the demo site ! and it makes me puzzle.

    I’m just a very newbie in that and don’t know how to program php, although decades ago, I used to program in Pascal, Fortran and others oldies.

    But I wonder if there’s a way to define a mycomments_number and mycomments_popup_link in theme’s functions.php file. Anyway, the author of the template did not.

    tks a lot for helping



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    Remove the Blog page from the posts page selection dropdown in Reading->Front Page


    But still don’t work.

    Where’s the ‘I WANNA CRY’ button ?



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    Have you tried contacting the theme’s developer?

    Sure, I did.

    In fact, there’s no way for a direct contact, Template Monster prohibits it, but I sent a support ticket.

    How long they can last, or whether they are going to give a solution, I don’t know.

    May be never.

    Anyway, the template is really well done and I feel it really nice… except this strange point.

    How the hell can the demo work ??

    And my site no.

    some news:

    I installed XAMPP onto my desktop PC, and WP 3.04.
    The Delta’s theme too and…

    comments work properly.

    So I import into this installation my server’s database (the one who is on the internet)

    and… comments don’t work, I’ve the same problem, loop aborts at comments_popup_link.

    Without ANY change made to the code or php files, of course.

    What’s is different ?

    A couple of users.
    Some adjusts.

    Nothing more, I guess.

    Does this problem sounds to anyboy and can give me a clue ?


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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