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    Bewildered. I’m having multiple second loop queries
    $my_query1 = new WP_Query(‘something’);

    I numbered each separately just to be sure as I’m not totally on top of this how it works. For some reason some of them doesn’t work on some browser. Firefox shows them all but Opera and IE7 doesn’t. Well, “not showing” really means the query not providing anything, I suppose.

    Here are two, of which one show up and other one doesn’t. Can you tell me what’s the bug, please.

    foreach((get_the_category()) as $cat) {
    $myCatName = $cat->cat_name;
    $myCatID = $cat->cat_ID;

  • <h2>Some more from the same category</h2>
      $my_query2 = new WP_Query(‘cat=’.$myCatID);
      while ($my_query2->have_posts()) : $my_query2->the_post();

    • <a href='”);
    • “);

  • “);}

    DOESN’T WORK on some browsers
    $my_query3 = new WP_Query(‘cat=7&showposts=3’);
    while ($my_query3->have_posts()) : $my_query3->the_post();
    the_content(‘Read the rest of this entry »’);

    It is really strange for some of them to work.

    (i tried to edit some of above, but some html is missing. I hope it’s still readable, sorry)
    thanks in advance

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  • Anyone? Can you please at least confirm if it is necessary to separate queries from one another like I did? Although they’re displayed before another one is made.

    Krhm, it wasn’t about the browsers. It was about Private posts. With only the basic tutorial been read, I’d understood the feature wrong. Another tutorial managed to explain it a little better. Naturally the other browsers I tried didn’t have the login-cookie, and the content wasn’t shown. I learn something every day.

    I also found me a plugin more than adequate for my needs:

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