• Hi Erik, how are you doing. Some questions.

    I found this banned:[unban ip] [ban forever]
    blacklisted score: 4; b8: 0.97

    That’s Google. Any idea what could have happened?

    And this one:
    data_mismatch: Version mismatch ” != ‘0.6.2’; bot_fingerprint_extras: activity 0, mouseclick_activity, mousemove_activity, webgl, webgl_render; honeypot: name, address, zip; b8: 1

    These types are bots, right?

    And when there’s written:

    blacklisted score: 4; b8: 1

    What does the blacklisted score mean?

    This weekend, I saw some changes in the amount that went to the blacklisted list, especially via zen.spamhaus.org.

    Would it be an idea if you added a date to the blacklist items so that we can check if these changes happened after a setting change or plugin update?

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  • Plugin Author Erik


    hey ciao @wendihihihi, I think you should go to the previous emails that this ip address has sent before it was banned (among those in flamingo marked as spam).

    After an IP has been banned the only way to get out of it is to wait the unban (at the beginning of the cf7a options you should find the cron control to decide how often it runs)

    blacklisted score is how many attempt after the ban, (in short) is the sum of your spam score +1 for each attempt after the ban (works a bit like fail2ban).

    Good idea about the spam log, i’ll mark it for the next cf7 update. Sorry but i’m still behind to align it with the cf7-smtp plugin… that because from the next versions i’d like also to send the report so keep tuned, I hope to get into it sooner rather than later but I need a couple of days when I don’t have work pressure

    Thread Starter Wendihihihi


    Hi Erik,

    Just read your reply. I had to travel a lot. Got snowed under…

    Yes, all clear. No worries about the requests. Those are just some ideas. I’ll see them showing up (or not). Whatever you decide is good. I’m still very happy with the plugins. It’s also a good way to figure out whether I’ve missed mails or not.

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