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  • buscamos


    I need to import my posts from an old WP blog on one host to a newly installed WPblog on a different host. Here’s my problem. I have already switched over the dns to the new host (same domain name). Prior to doing this, I accessed my site via ftp & downloaded the entire WP folder from the old host. I have been going through all the files in all the directories for WP, but i can’t find the posts or ‘wrx’ file to upload into the new WP install on the new host.

    I did not create any kind of export from the old WP, as the website went down suddenly & I was unable to access the admin afterwards. I could still access from ftp if I switched the dns back over. If I do, where are all the old posts? the database? any help here is greatly appreciated, as I am not a very technical person.

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  • moshu


    I did not create any kind of export from the old WP

    That was a huge mistake. There is nothing in files. All the content is stored in the database (DB).
    If you didn’t do an “export” from the admin panel or you didn’t back up your database with phpMyadmin… then you probably lost your old blog’s content.

    If you can go back and make a backup – you may have a chance. Or ask your old host if they have a DB backup.

    And next time do it the other way around: first ask and read, and act when you know what you are doing.

    Mandatory reading (and I mean it literally!)
    Moving_WordPress and ALL the linked articles!



    great, thanks!

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