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  • Hi! I came across this plugin and started getting delusions of grandeur! LOL!

    I currently own multiple domain names and have web sites for about 8 of them. Six of these sites are currently using WordPress (I gave up on B2Evolution for ease of use on one which I just converted), one is using Joomla!, and one is using a photo gallery software called Alkaline. I did not discover WordPress networks until very recently (Thus the reason I was using B2Evolution), so all 6 WordPress sites have separate WordPress installations. These are all on the same hosting provider (BlueHost), and each web site (domain name) is located in a sub-directory of the root directory. I have a static IP address with BlueHost, and my primary domain name is something like “” (the Joomla! installation). However, each of the domain names I have active are redirected to the appropriate sub-directory (including “”) by the functionality provided by BlueHost.

    As you can see, this is quite messy – thus the delusions of grandeur! So let me see if I understand the capabilities of this plugin correctly. Are the following statements correct?

    1. I could have a single install of WordPress, say in my root (Public_HTML) directory.
    2. Using this plugin, I could setup three WordPress networks, each of which would have multiple blogs.

    3. I would have a sub-directory for two of these networks to which two of my domain names would be redirected (how does this work with a single WordPress installation? What would be in the subdirectory?).
    4. The third network would be more complicated. I would want my primary domain name to point to the main blog in this network (I would be converting “” from Joomla! to WordPress), but I would want my remaining domain names to point to the sub-blogs in this third network (is that possible?).

    Given this scenario, how would I get the information from the existing WordPress installations into the single, root directory installation? Any suggestions on moving data from the Joomla! installation into the WordPress installation? Also, the one domain that I just converted from B2Evolution is already a WordPress network with sub-blogs. Could I somehow simply move this network into the new single installation? Does the WordPress installation, with your network plugin, now take of the domain redirection?

    Thanks for any help you can provide, and I am always humbled by the entire open-source community. You guys rock!


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  • Plugin Author David Dean


    Hi, dadepfan

    Thanks for your interest! Your statement 1 is correct.

    As for #2 – the first thing is that ALL the networks are run from the same filesystem location. When you say “subdirectory,” I’m not sure whether you’re talking about a URL subdirectory or a file system subdirectory. If the other domains point to different file system directories, you’ll have to re-point them.

    Giving individual blogs different domains is best accomplished with the domain mapping plugin. I haven’t used it, but a lot of people seem to be able to use it and Networks without issue.

    It sounds like your best bet is to pick one of your WordPress sites to be the main install, and build everything off of that. I don’t know of any bulk import/export scripts or anything, but you could probably use the WordPress built-in import/export mechanism and get things done in a few hours.

    Finally, I’m not sure what you mean about domain redirection. If that question wasn’t answered above, please give me some more detail as to what you mean and I’ll give it another shot. 🙂

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