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    I need to use your great plugin to block parts of the posts.
    I’d like to have the whole login/registration system with pass recovery but I find some basic issues.

    I’ve used the test code in the post text:

    This text is available to everyone.
    [wp-members status="out"]
    To go further you must be logged in.
    [wp-members page="login"]
    <hr />
    [wp-members page="register"]
    [wp-members status="in"]
    If you see this text, you are loggin in.

    The first thing is that if I add page with [wp-members page=”members-area”], its name appears in the header.
    Second issue is that I’d like the user to stay on the page that he wants to get access to. And after registration or pass recovery to be placed on the desired page.
    How to combine that all together?
    Maybe I don’t get something basic but I really spent some time to find the solution.

    Thank you,

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  • Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Registration and login will put the user on the same page that the user entered that action on; i.e. blocked content contains a login and registration form, and upon completing either, the user will be on the same page, which is second issue you list above. Password recovery, however, will not do that.

    I don’t understand what your first issue is?

    Hi Chad,

    The first issue I resolved, so I wouldn’t bother with this.
    1. But when I add code like in my above post, I am getting after successful registration 2 forms instead of one. See here:
    How to solve this? I can put only [wp-members page="login"] code but then instead of register form I am getting register link.
    2. Password reset. Is it possible to have only email field to reset pass?
    3. After password reset there is a message: Password successfully reset!…… You may change this random password then re-login with your new password.
    How to add a login link below?

    Kind regards,

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    I think part of the problem is that you are misusing the shortcodes. If you have blocked content, the login and registration form will show automatically without using those. I would suggest reviewing the Quick Start Guide

    For 2 & 3 – not at this time.

    Thanks Chad. I know everything to use the plugin as I needed.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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