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  • Resolved Hatsune miki


    Hey,I like this plugin,and it’s useful for us.but I also have some advice for you.It’s maybe important so I hope 有can think about this:
    First,I think if it theme can look’s like Mother theme(the wordpress website use theme)It will much better (head and foot only),but maybe it’s not important.
    but Next,I think you’d better add some keyword to let people much faster to do this(for example:when I finish a key’s translate,I can use Ctrl+Enter to next)It useful right?
    And I think It can be much smarter:I need a validators,but I Don’t Know who is good at this.SO I think system can add this:people can send a message to me ,let me know they want to be validators.I only need to see their’s translate ,then decide yes or no.It’s sample and easy.
    Third,You know team work is important .So I think we can let this plugin friendly with other plugin(e.g. bbpress)You know I mean right? I don’t wan’t change code because I’m not good at this.
    And I hope you can make a plugin use bing translate,baidu translate other. It’s sometime’s good.
    maybe someting I can say because i’m not goodat english.but I hope you can make some diffferent,and useful change in next version.And this is my translate website I will make some change on it maybe It can help you.
    (I’m Chinese NOT Good at English So if you can’t understand what’s mean,I’m soooo sorry.)

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  • Plugin Author Greg Ross


    Thanks for the feedback:

    – There is a ticket open for adding support for the WordPress theme ( but at the moment there is no work being done on it.

    – There are some keyboard shortcuts supported (

    – User management is part of WordPress and there are lots of plugins to do that for you. Adding them as translators/validators for a language is of course up to you as there is no easy way to know if they are “good” or not.

    – We’re not looking to integrate with other plugins at the moment, but you never know what the future may hold.

    – As you know my “GP Machine Translate” plugin is available which currently supports Google. Adding support for others is relatively simple and I do plan on doing it at some point. However it will not be part of core GlotPress as it does not produce particularly good translations.

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