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  • The question first, then the background info:
    How do I set up a personal category to only show if the user asks for it?
    But then you ask, why ask this in design, not another portion of the forum better suited? The answer: I want to figure out what it should look like first, then code the darn thing.
    My blog will mostly be focusing on professional issues, but I want to be able to post personal things on it, but not force a regular user to wade through my life to see my real message. I want the solution to have high usability, but in no way detract from my existing visual style.

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    It sounds like you want wp to print all but a certain category to the page. A hunt around here for ‘exclude category’ should sort that for you.

    I am sure it would, but I don’t like to deal with the code first… it puts a damper on creativity and makes me design according to the functions of someone elses plugin, not my own site.
    Thanks for the feedback though!

    criticizing suggested ideas is the best way to not get help.

    And I am sorry to say your menu is over flowing your footer by a mile. Couple of design issues there then. Welcome to WordPress.

    Charle97: I most certanly did not mean to critisize, I was simply trying to make my request for feedback more clear, emphasizing that I was not looking for simply a plugin.
    Root: Thank you for letting me know about that issue. I thought I had it corrected, I will relook the code.

    The ‘exclude category’ that podz was speaking of is not a plugin. It is some code that you can do with as you please.
    The idea here, is that you can put a link anywhere on your site that will take someone directly to your “personal” category. When setup correctly, the ‘exclude category code’ will not show your personal posts on the main page
    Take a look at and then click on the different categories to get an idea.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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