• evergreen113


    I heard about Events Espresso a few years ago and decided to see if EE could handle our annual conference registration better than the system we were using then. Seth spent two hours on the phone with me and I was convinced. We made the switch and have used Events Espresso for the past 5 or 6 years. I am NOT internet savvy but even I can make it work. We started using EE for all our other seminar registrations as well, and EE saves us a lot of time and effort. Any time I have had a problem (usually my own doing) that I cannot figure out on my own I get help through the forum. The Events Espresso team is great about giving advice and sharing their experience. I also take advantage of their Support Token system to get a professional to go over everything once a year before conference registration opens to confirm that I did it right. I highly recommend Events Espresso!

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