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  • I’m posting this here in case it helps anyone. I’ve seen a bunch of forum threads here by people who were experiencing a similar issue, but none of them had this listed as a solution.

    My WordPress menu was taking forever to save, and it kept taking longer and longer as the menu got bigger. I Googled around and the common solution was to raise some PHP variables like max_input_var or memory_limit.

    I tried those things out but none of them seemed to solve the problem.

    The problem in my case turned out to be a semi-hidden plugin called “Endurance Page Cache” that some web hosts (including Bluehost and Hostgator) install by default.

    In my case, the plugin was throwing an internal 404 error for every single menu item. As a result, the request was taking far longer than it was supposed to and once the menu got large enough, it began to hit some kind of 2.0 minute time limit and would abort the request. This resulted in a 404 error, or alternatively a 524 error when we had Cloudflare installed.

    To see if that’s the issue, you can use the Query Monitor plugin to see what’s happening in the background when you save the menu. If you see a bunch of 404 errors like in the image below, then you’re probably experiencing the same issue.

    To fix it, I went to the public_html/wp-content/mu-plugins and deleted the four files that were there, including the endurance-page-cache.php file. I’m not sure if that was necessarily the best way to disable it, but I saved a backup of the files just in case.

    Afterwards, the menu issue was completely fixed.

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  • Thank you pikamander2 for sharing your outcome and steps that helped you to solved.

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