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  • What is the way to import usernames and email addresses from my old site subscriptions i have on a CVS file and or plain old text file into a new WP site so that they are members?

    I will let them know of the transfer to a new platform and site name! But what is a solution on how to do it?

    If i add them one at a time it’s a bit slow. But if i did for example add one how will they know how to or get there password.

    I have subscribe2 plugin installed to sent a weekly digest. Once i add them i could compose an email in the settings to go out that week saying all the new subscribers and the reason they got it etc. But it dont seem to have unsubscribe links in the generated email?

    Looking for a simple solution? I just want to get them in there seemlessly but also letting them know how!

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  • Hope you find a solution for this. I am looking for something of the same. I’ve decided to go to paypal and make a subscribe button that has the ability to automate password and username with each sale and it integrates into your site so its all automatic and you have the list of thier emails as they sign up.You can also add to and edit the list yourself. The problem with that is that you have to be a good programer to figure out the instructions. way out of my leage. I’ve even offered up 50.00 bucks for someone to help me with it and no takers.

    Just wanted to let you know however that you will get better responses from the moderators if you use a less generic title. If you put importing usernames and email you might get a better response

    Outside of just installing plugins it’s a bit hard to get any help for anything specific in your site and or from the plugin makers indeed.

    Though you end up getting somewhere the long way sometimes. I notice your from W.A thought you we’re Aussie with your straight forward approach.

    I’m doing a Reno in Vic and looking for another Reno deal soon. Shit load more money in that then you will ever make in Internet Marketing in my opinion. I thought money talked i also offered $50 to get a subscription system in place (by the plugin developer i might add) but he never replied as well.

    However there if a lot in this WP that works great and saves shit loads of time. The brilliance of that is worth having the patience to get there sometime. When i build up some more cash for spending on these web sites i will employ in house guy for bits of cash here and there but it’s hard to find the right person to work in with what you want to do.

    Interesting PayPal idea as you will collect emails for Newletters letter one when otherwise they might not of signed up but only just bought! I’m not really selling anything as now.

    It’s a bit late to change my Title but i will try that next time! bit of a long post… better go!

    I love it when someone tells me how to structure proper English and Grammar. Because i’m really bad at it.

    Is this the thing you wanted Scot?

    I’m excited now because it’s time to bring in all my old users and blast them off into the new site! Going to download the plugin now and have a play.

    Thanks Michael your help is very great!

    What does it mean when a plugin is in a link like this?

    I am used of downloading a plugin, uploading to cPanle, extracting and then deleting the zip file?

    What is the process with this file, please?

    Please read the author’s “Instructions” at:

    Not good the author needs to abide by the standard wp way of providing a zip as i followed his out of the box ways of doing things and the results were a mess it didn’t work simply. Actually i’ve had to resort to not doing this at all because it did not work! Truth!!

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